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Columbus General Depot, Established 1918: For 100 years, a small military post in central Ohio played a major role in supporting U.S. servicemen and women around the world. The Defense Supply Center Columbus was established in 1962 after undergoing numerous name changes during its history dating back to 1918 when the military installation was constructed to support America's Allied Expeditionary Forces. DLA Land and Maritime, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, provides weapons system and platform support to U.S. forces and federal agencies worldwide, managing more than two million unique inventory parts to support several thousand multiservice weapons systems and the warfighters who rely on them.


This center has served in every major military engagement since World War I. America's production effort in World War I arrived at an impasse in 1918 when transportation lines to ports of embarkation for troops and materials became filled to capacity. There was a clear need for a new military depot and although the Columbus site was a combination of swamp and farmland, it was advantageous because it afforded immediate access to three important railroad lines. The U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps made the first purchase of land, 281 acres, to construct a government military installation in April, 1918. Warehouse construction began in May of that year, and by August, six warehouses were receiving materiel for storage. Those original warehouses remained in use through the 1990s, but were demolished in 2000.

After WWI, the installation's operations were reduced to the conditioning and sale of the stockpiles of materiel which had been needed in wartime. At the start of WWII, acquisition of additional acreage almost doubled the size of the installation as the civilian workforce rose to well over 10,000. This expansion made the Columbus Quartermaster Depot, as it was then known, the largest and busiest military supply installation in the world. During the final 11 months of the war, the depot housed more than 400 German prisoners of war.

Amidst the wars, the conflicts and humanitarian relief efforts, the men and women of the installation worked continuously to establish direct and fast moving supply lines to support our troops in all parts of the world.

The installation's operational activities were assigned to the U.S. Army Supply and Maintenance Command in July 1962. The following year, it became the Defense Construction Supply Center under what is presently known as the Defense Logistics Agency.

In January 1996, the Defense Construction Supply Center was merged with the Defense Electronics Supply Center formerly of Dayton, Ohio, to arrive at its 14th name change, the Defense Supply Center Columbus.

The Center's 1996 reorganization was a product of the 1993 Base Realignment and Closure Commission's ordered merger. Decisions made during BRAC 1995 transitioned the center to a total weapon systems management posture.

The BRAC 2005 Commission noted that the Defense Supply Center Columbus had the ability to expand and take on new missions. These changes had a positive impact on the procurement landscape at Defense Supply Center Columbus, and are part of an ongoing process.

Driving with Darbee: WOSU Columbus Neighborhoods special on the history of DSCC from its beginnings in 1918 to recent events. The video tours different historical sites around the base including the site where the original warehouses were, a WWII era warehouse and the site of a WWII POW camp for German soldiers on the land thebase golf course occupies. It was produced in 2017 as part of the ongoing Columbus Neighborhoods series. For more on the series click here .


Defense Supply Center Columbus hails as the Land and Maritime Supply Chain headquarters for the Defense Logistics Agency with over 3,000 employees in 51 locations around the world. These locations include Columbus, Richmond, Philadelphia, Mechanicsburg, Norfolk Naval Shipyard and Puget Naval Shipyard. DSCC also has employees forward located with Army, Navy and Marine Corps customers throughout the states and in theater– extending its footprint to better ensure end-to-end supply chain management.

DSCC manages 2.1 million items, and supports more than 145,000 customers throughout the military services, civil agencies, and other Department of Defense organizations. DSCC awards over 707,000 contracts annually, supports nearly 1,400 weapon systems, handles over 6.7 million orders on a yearly basis, with annual sales topping $3.5 billion.

Today, the Defense Supply Center Columbus is host to 26 tenant organizations on the 530-acre site. DLA Land and Maritime continues to have a profound impact on national defense by supplying the armed forces with $3 billion worth of materiel annually.

It is a unique installation that capitalizes on the synergy of state, federal and defense organizations such as the Ohio National Guard and Reserves, the Chalmers P. Wylie Ambulatory Care Center (VACC) ,the Defense Finance and Accounting Service , and Defense Information Systems Agency , which are collocated on or near the site.



For Google Maps, Waze or other navigation: Defense Supply Center Columbus is located at 401 N Yearling Avenue, Columbus, OH 43213.

From I-270N

Take Broad Street exit toward Columbus and drive 1.6 miles to Yearling Road. Turn right on Yearling and travel 0.4 mile. Turn left for DSCC main entrance.Then turn right into the Visitor Centerparking lot or Straight through security for CAC and Military ID cardholders and ask security for additional directions.

From I-270S

Turn right at the Hamilton Road exit and travel south 0.8 mile. Follow signs for Fifth Avenue and DSCC to the right. Travel onemile on Fifth to Yearling Road. Turn left onto Yearling and travel 1/2 mile. Turn right for DSCC main entrance.Then turn right into the Visitor Centerparking lot or Straight through security for CAC and Military ID cardholders and ask security for additional directions.

From the Columbus Airport

Follow the main airport road and turn left on Steltzer Road. Travel south to Fifth Avenue. Take a left on Fifth Avenue and travel approximately two miles to Yearling Road. Turn right on Yearling Road and travel approximately 1 mile. Turn right turn to Defense Supply Center Main Entrance. Then turn right into the Visitor Centerparking lot or Straight through security for CAC and Military ID cardholders and ask security for additional directions.


Defense Supply Center Columbus(DSCC) is a Department of Defense joint installation and has restricted access.

DSCC has a Visitor Control Center (VCC) and Pass & ID Office co-located in Building 61 at the main Main Access Control Point (ACP) on Yearling Road. Both are closed on all FederalHolidays.

Pass and ID hours are Monday-Friday 6:15 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Call 614-692-3141. (For Common Access Card (CAC) appointments call 614-692-3023).

VCC hours areMonday - Friday6:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Call 614-692-3024. All visitors will be processed by DSCC Police.

The Pass & ID Office also accepts appointments through theRAPIDS Appointment Scheduler .

**Because of a continued heightened security posture, visitors should be prepared for delays upon entry to the installation. Please see our"Visitor Information" section on our Security and Emergency Services pagefor visitor access procedures, DBIDS registration, visitor notification and more.

Note: The Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) is an identification authentication and force protection tool that is fully operational on military bases throughout the world.

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On Defense Supply Center Columbus is the Buckeye Lodge .The lodge is a Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) recreation lodging facility that offers three newly renovated one-bedroom suites. One of the suites offers handicapped accessibility to the kitchen and bathroom areas, as well as wider doorways. Reservations are accepted for those with MWR eligibility andbase access on a first come, first served basis. Reservations: 614-692-3349. DSN: 850-3349.

Eagle Eye Golf Course is now a public access golf course on DSCC. It is a nine-hole course and has recently been designated a Monarchs in the Rough habitat for migrating Monarch butterflies. They hold member-only tournaments, leagues and other events. It has a Pro shop, winter golf league, a full scale range, locker and club storage, unlimited greens fees with membership and more.

Outdoor Recreation Rental Center has everything needed to experience life outdoors, plan the perfect party or find an adventure! Check out our huge inventory of rental items for camping, boating, fishing, hiking, parties & picnics and more.The Rental Center is managed by the MWR Outdoor Recreation Department.

DSCC is located within the city of Whitehall and is adjacent to the cities of Bexley, Gahanna and Columbus.

Visit the Columbus Convention & Visitor Bureau for more things to do in the greater Columbus region.

Defense Supply Center Columbus (2024)
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