Gold bars vs gold coins ? - Gerrards Bullion (2024)

Gerrards encourage its customers to go for the bullion product which offer the best value for their money as their investment. Therefore, obtaining the highest intrinsic value of gold for your budget. The best way to buy gold ultimately depends on your individual situation. It is all about personal preferences and circ*mstance, considering all the factors mentioned above. With a particular reference to premiums, flexibility and – for individuals investing large amount of money – accounting for Capital Gains Tax.

As a first-time investor, gold coin offer a great starting point to invest in physical gold. However, it is recommended to diversify your portfolio with a mixture of both bars and coins. In fact, a small savings by paying lower premium could result in a lack of flexibility on your physical gold portfolio. As gold comes in many forms and different sizes, your investment can be broken up into much smaller pieces in the form of coins and smaller bars. This means that you can even transport part of your investment around with you instead of the whole thing.

Although all of these advices, bear in mind that there is no right or wrong answer between buying gold bars or gold bars. It is also just personal preference and the amount of risk you’re willing to take. After you've done your own research and you know which type of gold bullion is right for you, we hope you'll turn to Gerrards for your gold bullion investment needs.

We offer a wide range of gold bullion bars and coins for sell.Browse our online store and place an order using our secure payment system. If you prefer to place an order by phone, or if you have any questions, feel free to us toll-free at0207 242 7521today.

Gold bars vs gold coins ? - Gerrards Bullion (2024)
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