Super 8mm F/L Features – Colour Sound (2024)

Super 8mm F/L Features – Colour Sound (25% DiscountUntil 30/4/24)

18212Ali Vs Spinks – Las Vegas 1978 B+ £90 (4x400’) OBWell I have never ever seen a printof this complete fight which was held in Las Vegas on February 15th1978, this was one of the biggest shocks the Boxing world had ever seen, 10/1outsider Leon Spinks beats Muhammad Ali on a split decision, and what a fightit is as well! The print considering it’s taken from a video source,is still pretty good, I’ve seen the 2RL version many times, but to have thecomplete fight is a real find, Rare!

18220 The Jolson Story B+/B £90 (7x400’) P/N:Has Some Fade This is the originalColumbia 8mm print of this 1946 musical biopic of legendary singer Al Jolson,played by Larry Parkes (all songs sung by Al Jolson), lovely film, stillretains a lot of colour

Super 8mm F/L Features – B/W Sound (25% DiscountUntil 30/4/24)

17150 The Shadow Strikes B+/B £75 (4x400’) Superrare 1937 ‘B’ movie starring the wonderfully titled Rod La Roque who plays “TheShadow” a masked crime fighter who investigates men sent to break into anattorney’s safe, he assumes the attorney’s identity and starts investigating,it’s a nice souvenir of this type of entertainment

17429 This is the Army B+ £120 (6x400’) Wowthis is a rare print, it’s in Derann boxes, but I’m not 100% sure they releasedit, it comes from 1943, and was produced as a patriotic flag waver in the heartof WW2. It was produced by Irving Berlin and features numerous songs of his, itwas directed by famous director Michael Curtiz as well, it’s the usual (for itsday) we’ll put on a show for the troops plotline, but it does feature all thoseIrving Berlin songs

17551 Top Hat B+to B+/B £90 (5x400’) OB Rare F/L print to this classic 1935 musicalcomedy starring Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers and some glorious music anddances, together with the comedy of Edward Everret Horton, it still isgenuinely entertaining

17853 The Adventures of Captain Marvel B+/B £300 (12x400’) Wow what a find, the complete Derann release of this 1941 adventureserial starring Tom Tyler as ‘Captain Marvel’, he’s tasked to guard a magictalisman from being used for evil, all 12 chapters! Very, very rare completeedition

17857 RawhideB+ £70 (3x400’) Made in 1938, this hasthe accolade of being the legendary American Baseball player Lou Gehrig’s onlyscreen role, which he performs nicely aswell, it’s the story of a several ranchers being threatened by a bunch ofbandits, but they organise themselves to fight back. This is a rare BlackhawkFilms imported print

17895 Our Town B+£100 (5x400’) OB Extremely rare imported Niles Film releasefrom the U.S.A. of this gentle 1940 Drama which looks at the slowly changinglives of a small New Hampshire town in the early 20th Century, itstars (a young) William Holden and Oscar winner (for this film)Martha Scott inher screen debut, rare!

17963 Swing High, Swing Low B/B+ £90 (5x400’) Comedydrama, with a touch of music as well from 1937, it stars Carole Lombard, FredMacMurray, Charles Butterworth and a young Dorothy Lamour. A stranded girl in Panama moves inwith an ex soldier and his hypochondriac roommate, romance blossoms, but thingsnever run smoothly in these films!

18205 Gasbags B+£90 (4x400’) Nice DCR print of this 1941Crazy Gang comedy, the boys accidentally invade Germany on a Barrage Balloon,you also get Moore Marriott (a stalwart of Will Hay films), do the Germans knowwhat’s in store for them, me thinks not!

18282 Way Out West B+ £140 (4x400’) OB Rare Blackhawk imported F/L print of thisclassic 1937 Laurel & Hardy comedy, the boys are set to deliver a deed to aGoldmine for one of their late friends to his daughter, they have her name, buthave never seen her, an unscrupulous Saloon owner tries to swindle them out ofit!

18288 The Happiest Days of Your Lives B+/B £90 (3x600’) ClassicBritish comedy from 1950 starring Alastair Sims & Margaret Rutherford, anall Boys school and an all Girls school are amalgamated causing much fun

Standard 8mm F/L Features – B/W Sound(25% Discount Until 30/4/24)

17523 Way Out West B+ to B+/B £75 (4x400’) Extremelyrare F/L print of this classic 1937 Laurel & Hardy comedy, the boys are ona mission to give a deed to their late pals’ Gold mine to his daughter, whothey have never seen, of course things go wrong straight away, and they areconned into giving it over to the wrong woman, can they get it back!

Super 8mm F/L Features – B/W Silent (25%Discount Until 30/4/24)

16605 America (a.k.a. Love andSacrafice) (runs at 18 f.p.s.)B+ £200 (6x400’) OB This is the 1924 D.W. Griffith silent classic,issued by Blackhawk Films in the U.S.A., this may be the only print here in theU,K,, which I was told was only run once from new. It runs for 2 hours 20minutes (i.m.d.b. timing) and tells the epic story of a family caught up in theAmerican Civil War, it stars Neil Hamilton, CarolDempster & Erville Anderson. Here’s one for lovers of classic Americansilent features, it’s a very nice B/W print, considering the age of the movie,and I doubt you’ll ever see another print for sale here in the U.K.

17832 Shadows B+£75 (4x400’) Fine Blackhawk print of this1922 Lon Chaney Sr. drama, he plays Yen Sin (‘The Heathen’) a humble Chineseman washed ashore after a big storm, he finds himself an outsider in a deeplyChristian fishing community, he decides to stay, but will he ever be welcomed,he eventually converts to Christianity to stop his one friend from beingblackmailed, Chaney once again gives an impressive emotive performance, one ofhis best!

18092 The Lost World B+ £65 (5x200’) OB Collectors Club print of this 1925 versionof the Arthur Conan Doyle tale of a lost plateau where Dinosaurs still survive,it stars Wallace Beery & Bessie Love, Willis O’Brien (King Kong) did a lotof the stop motion Dinosaurs, it’s still a cracking tale, almost 100 yearslater!

Super 8mm F/L Features – B/W Silent(25% Discount Until 30/4/24)

18287 The Wizard of Oz B+ £120 (4x400’) OBRare American import of this NilesFilm release of this 1925 production of the L. Frank Baum classic, it wasdirected and starred Larry Semon, it starred Dorothy Dwan (as Dorothy), as withmany Semon productions his good friend Oliver Hardy has a role as well, some ofthe special effects sequences still hold up well even today, unusual find!

11636 Intolerance: Love’s Struggle Throughout The Ages B+ £120 (6x400’) Madein 1916 by D.W. Griffith it stars Lillian Gish and Douglas Fairbanks in a storyof a poor young woman separated by prejudice from her husband and baby,interwoven with stories of prejudice throughout history

12063 The Lost World B+/B £75 (3x400’) This is the first film adaptation of the ArthurConan Doyle fantasy, it was made in 1925 and starred Wallace Beery & BessieLove. The Dinosaur special effects are by Willis O’Brien (later King Konganimator)

14679 October (Ten Days that Shook the World) B+ £80 (7x200’) OB Madein 1928 this is filmed in a documentary style, it’s set in Russia in 1917, thefall of the Tsar, the creation of the provisional government and the decrees ofpeace and land in November. It also depicts a counter revolutionary revolt,which was suppressed, then into October when the Bolsheviks are ready tostrike, in the 10 days that shook the world. This is the famous film written anddirected by Sergei M. Eisenstein and Grigori Aleksandrov, rare on any gaugenow!

16799 The Navigator B+ £65 (3x400’) In Perry’s Moviesboxes, this is F/L Buster Keaton comedy from 1924, two spoiled rich peopleaccidently find themselves trapped on an empty ship, how will they survive?

17524 Queen of the Chorus B+/B £70 (3x400’) 18 f.p.s Made in 1928, it stars Virginia Brown Faire who stars in this typical1920’s mix of drama and romance, she plays a Chorus girl who falls for a guypretending to be a Millionaire, but when the real Millionaire turns up,complications arise, rare Perry’s Movies print

17525 Judith of Bethulia B+ £65 (2x400’) 18 f.p.s. Made in 1914 this was the first feature length film made by legendarydirector D.W. Griffith, the story centres around a religious woman who tries tosave her people by seducing and murdering the enemy leader, the only troubleis, she starts to fall for him, what does she do

18179 The Thief of Bagdad B+/B £90 (6x400’) Importedprint of this classic 1924 fantasy film starring Douglas Fairbanks, he plays athief who has fallen in love with the Caliph of Bagdad’s daughter, but he hasto prove his worth by bringing back the rarest treasure within seven moons sohe sets out on a magical journey, but he has a secret rival, who doesn’t playby the rules, still compelling after nearly 100 years!

18326 Officer ‘444’ B+ £85 (10x400’) Ultra rare 10part action serial from 1926, heroic officer 444 battles The Frog and hiscriminal gang for possession of ‘Haverlyte’ a powerful formula that in thewrong hands could tip the world balance in favour of The Frog, fearful of agent444 a vamp like henchwoman is instructed to try and lure agent 444 away fromhis duties, will it work!

17930 Charly B+£90 (5x400’) OB Oscar winning performance by Cliff Robertson who plays a very simplesoul, who undergoes an experiment that gives him the intelligence of a genius,but will it last? ABC Films release that retains pretty good colour overall, Ihad a print of this in the 1980’s, and the colour seems exactly the same now!It runs for about 80 minutes or so!

17852 Hannie Caulder B/B+ £65 (2x600’) This Waltonprint still has good colour, Raquel Welch, Robert Culp & Ernest Borgninestar in this 1971 revenge western adventure

13505 Evergreen B£45 (4x400’) Jessie Mathews stars in this1934 musical drama, many books state that this was the first ever talkingBritish musical, it’s still a good watch though!

15825 The Sword of Monte Cristo B+/B £55 (2x600’) Madein 1951 this is a swashbuckling tale set in France in 1858, George Montgomeryis sent to find members of a group of rebels, led by Paula Corday who has foundthe Treasure of Monte Cristo

16752 MacbethB+/B £70 (4x400’) Rare print of this 1948 Orson Welles productionof the Shakespeare play, of course it’s in English verse, it stars Orson Welles(as Macbeth), Jeanette Nolan, Dan O’Herlihy and Roddy McDowell

17142 The Fabulous Dorseys B+ £70 (4x400’) OBMade in 1947, and starring Jimmy& Tommy Dorsey, who play themselves in this story of their rise to fame inmusic, each having their own Orchestra, but both play cracking 1940’s music,and this is the real star of the film, although the back story of the twobrothers is played out well

17210 The Naked and the Dead B+ £75 (4x400’) WW2War film set in the Pacific, this drama and action film stars Aldo Ray andCliff Robertson, pretty rare now!

17213 Tom Brown’s Schooldays B+/B £75 (4x400’)Rare Walton feature of this classic1951 production, it stars John Howard Davies as ‘Tom Brown’ ably supported byRobert Newton, James Hayter and John Forrest who plays ‘Flashman’ the schoolbully who makes Tom’s life a misery

17371 Casbah B/B+£65 (4x400’) Made in 1948 this film starsTony Martin & Yvonne De Carlo, it’s a story of a French Jewell thief in theCasbah in Algiers

17612 The Flying Deuces B+/B £75 (2x600’) Laurel& Hardy comedy from 1939, Ollie has fallen in love, but he’s rejected asshe is happily married, instead of committing suicide he’s persuaded to jointhe French Foreign Legion to ‘forget’, unfortunately Stan comes as well!

17774 Gangs Incorporated B+ £75 (4x400’) OB Alan Ladd stars inthis 1941 Gangster story playing an undercover agent trying to bring down acorrupt gang

17775 Blackbeard the Pirate B+/B £70 (4x400’) Madein 1952, this rollicking Swashbuckler stars Robert Newton (as Blackbeard),Linda Darnell & William Bendix

17801 Follow the Fleet B+/B £75 (4x400’) Funcomedy musical from 1936 starring Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, great musicand dance and a bit of comedy thrown in too!

17908 Corregidor B to B/B+ £60 (4x400’) Made in1943 the story centres around a Doctor and staff of the Philippine Island of Corregidorduring WW2 shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, who nowattack the Island

17939 I’ll Walk Beside You B+/B £80 (4x400’) Madein 1943, it’s a British War time drama & love story, a man is called upinto the Navy leaving his girlfriend behind, his ship is Torpedoed and he losesall his memory, but through his love of music his memories start coming back.This film is a complete mystery to me, the original cover I have says this is aDACO FILMS release, for the U.K. market,but I’ve never heard of them, have you?

18060 Gas House Kids B+/B £65 (4x400’) Made in 1946,the popular ‘Gas House Kids’ star in their first feature film, they tackle acriminal gang looking to get the reward so they can help out a returning WW2veteran make a life with his girl

18149 Body and Soul B+ £65 (4x400’) OB John Garfield stars in this 1947 Boxingdrama, he’s an up and coming Boxer who gets caught up with a dodgy promoter

18275 Radio Ranch B+/B £85 (4x400’) OB Gene Autry stars in this re-edited featureversion of the 1935 serial “The Phantom Empire”, singing cowboy discovers anancient race in caverns beneath his Radio Ranch, they have developed powerfulnew weapons, unscrupulous surface dwellers corrupt the peaceful race, can warbe averted. Rare American Niles Films print,very rare here in the U.K.

18281 Blitz on Britain B+/B £85 (4x400’) OBWalton release of this WW2documentary taken from British and German archives telling the defence ofBritain from the Battle of Britain in the skies to the Blitz in 1941, well puttogether documentary

18215 Follow the Fleet B+ £75 (4x400’) FredAstaire, Ginger Rogers & of all people Randolph Scott star in this classic1936 comedy musical, Sailor Fred tries to rekindle a romance with a girl heloves while on leave

18276 Victory at Sea B+ £75 (2x600’) WW2 documentary,with actual WW2 footage detailing the war at sea with the British and Americanand allied fleets

18288 Flying Down to Rio B+ £85 (4x400’)OB The film that put Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers together on the bigscreen, they are not the stars of this 1933 musical comedy (4th& 5th billed), a band leader (Gene Raymond) is trying to woo aLatin flame (Delores del Rio) who is already engaged to his employer

18335 Rio Grande B+/B £90 (5x400’) OB Classic John Ford directed Calvary adventureset in the Old West starring John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara, Calvary commander(Wayne) is posted to the Rio Grande border with Mexico where raiding Apachesand an enlisted son makes things very difficult, then the ex wife turns up!

16606 Oh! Mr. Porter B+/B £65 (4x400’) Walton print ofthis classic British comedy starring Will Hay, Moore Marriott & GrahamMoffatt, set in N. Ireland at an out of the way Railway Station near theborder, there’s gun runners and trains, brilliant!

16778 Rose of Cimarron B+/B £60 (4x400’) 1952Western adventure starring Jack Buetel, Mala Powers & Bill Williams, awhite girl raised by Indians sets out to find who murdered her adoptiveparents, she accepts help from a white Marshall

16796 Tension at Table Rock B+/B £60 (4x400’) OBRichard Egan, Dorothy Malone &Cameron Mitchell star in this 1956 western, Egan’s reluctant Gunslinger isusing an alias to blend in when he helps out a Father and Son who are caught upin a robbery, he agrees to take the boy to his uncle in ‘Table Rock’

15149 The Gondoliers B+/B £35 (3x400’) DCR release ofthis Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta (condensed version), colour is only fair(every print I’ve seen has been the same), and it may have a few splices hereand there, but it’s rare

17467 25 Years (1952-77) B+/B £75 (3x400’) P/N:slight fade Made by EMI Films in 1977 forthe silver jubilee, this is a rare documentary looking at the first 25 years ofQueen Elizabeth II reign, with many rare moments featured from the manynewsreels made over those years, we go around the world with the Queen andPrince Phillip, I’ve never seen this before, I wonder who released it on 8mm?

18285 The Shadow of Chikara B+/B £140 (3x400’) Extremelyrare Walton mini feature starring Joe Don Baker & Sondra Locke, two formerConfederate soldiers set out to find Diamonds hidden in the Mountains inArkansas, but they are supposed to be guarded by a native spirit calledChikara, unusual spooky western adventure

18318 Dressed To Kill B+/B £75 (3x400’) OBP/N: has some fade Skilfullyedited thriller from 1980, it stars Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson & NancyAllen, quite violent at times though, but a very rare 8mm mini feature thesedays!

15393 Ruddigore B+£45 (1x800’ & 1x400’) DCR Filmsrelease of this digest version of the Gilbert & Sullivan light Operetta,rare print now!

17332 Seven Keys to BaldpateB+ £60 (2x600’)Made in 1917, it was produced and starred (his acting debut) legendarycomposer George M. Cohan (Yankee Doodle Dandy), a writer (Cohan) bets hisfriend that he can write a 10,000 word novel in 24 hours, he uses his friendsBaldpate Inn to write, supposedly closed for the Winter, so there should be nointerruptions, until people with keys keep turning up, can he finish!

8655The Man & the Earth – The Giant Otter B+ £13 (500’ on 600’reel) OB PN: Slightly Pinky& Shortened opening titles Fine Nature documentary

11555The Private Life of the Cuckoo B+ £38 (600’) OB Madeby the B.B.C. this shows the life of the Cuckoo, lovely nature film, the colouris fair, but it was taken off a 16mm print, and varies during the reel, as allprints I’ve seen do

16634 The Man and the Earth – The VirginForest of Venezuela B+ £30 (600’) OBFine colour print of this naturedocumentary from the 1970’s

17836 Golden Rendezvous B+ £35 (600’) Basedupon an Alistair MacLean story, this stars Richard Harris & Ann Turkel,it’s got ships, and attempts to steal Gold Bullion, PM Films released thisdigest, colour is slightly warm and slightly faded, but a rare print now!

17990 When the North Winds Blow Pt.s 1 & 2 B+ £45 (2x400’) Here’sthe first 2 reels from the Walton 1974 outdoors nature adventure feature, stillretains nice colour too!

16422 Magnificent Doll B+ £38 (600’) Rare Mountain Films double album ofthis 1946 drama starring Ginger Rogers, David Niven & Burgess Meredith. Sheplays true life character Dolly Payne, who influences the politics of thefledgling U.S.A.

16594 EvergreenB+ £40 (600’) OB Fine P.M. Films digest of this 1934 musicalstarring Jessie Matthews as a famous music hall star with a secret, nice printtoo!

17082 The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand –Chapter 1 B/B+ £40 (600’) Here’s a curiosity for you, this is thecomplete chapter one from this 15 part 1936 serial, it’s got a simple plot offake Gold, a stolen notebook

17597 Cheek to Cheek B+ £35 (600’) This reel comprises songs and dances from the1936 Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers classic 1936 musical comedy “Top Hat”, itruns well!

17666 They They Died with their Boots On B+/B £40 (2x400’) Derannprint of this 1941 western adventure telling the story of the life and death ofGeneral George Armstrong Custer, it stars Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland

17913 42nd Street B+/B £45 (2x4009’) Editedin correct order Derann print ofthis 1934 Busby Berkeley musical with Ruby Keeler and some stunning routines

17979 Hollywood and the Stars – The Swashbucklers B+ £55 (600’) JosephCotton narrates this documentary looking at the many swashbucklers over theyears from Douglas Fairbanks to Errol Flynn, full of clips, fun reel!

17984 Oh! Mr. Porter B+ £45 (2x400’) OB (Pt,2) I have here the 400’digestfrom Walton, and Part 2 from there 4x400’ feature of the Will Hay classiccomedy, I believe the digest is cut from the last part of the film, so this maywork quite well

18058 Room Service B+ £45 (2x400’) OB Double album from this 1938 MarxBros. comedy, a penniless producer (Groucho) must outwit the Hotel security mento stay in their room while trying to find a backer for his new play to beproduced

18202 The Plow That Brokethe Plains B+£45 (2x400’) OB Made in 1936 thisdocumentary tells the story of the Great Plains of America, when a combinationof farming practices and environmental factors caused the great dust bowl ofthe 1930’s, this is a nice Blackhawk Films imported print which shows thehardships of the day

18223 Tall in the Saddle B+ £45 (600’) John Wayne,Ella Raines & Ward Bond star in this 1944 Western adventure, John Waynearrives as a ranch hand, but his boss has been murdered, and the locals are nottoo friendly, what’s going on?

18256 Dark Waters B/B+ £50 (2x400’) Mysterydrama from 1944 starring Merle Oberon & Franchot Tone, a woman returns tothe U.S.A. after a German U-Boat sank her ship and finds out someone wants tokill her for her inheritance, rare print!

18286 Shall We Dance B+/B £55 (2x400’) OB Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogersmusical from 1937, the pair pose as a married couple, but actually fall in lovealong the way, fine music and great dance numbers

18325 Hollywood and theStars – Monsters We Have Known and Loved B+/B £75 (2x400’) OB Narrated by Joseph Cotton this looks at some of the classicmonsters ever filmed, with many clips, this is a rare find indeed!

16588 Hollywood andthe Stars – The Immortal Jolson B+ £35(2x400’) Narrated by Joseph Cotton thislooks at the life and films of Al Jolson, many clips included

17203 Hollywood and the Stars – The Fabulous JolsonB+ £38(2x400’) Narrated by Joseph Cotton. We look at the films and life ofentertainer Al Jolson

17327 Sherlock Holmes – The Case of the Unlucky GamblerB+ £45 (2x400’) Starring Ronald Howard & Howard Marion Crawford (Holmes &Watson) this TV episode comes from 1955, a boy asks Holmes help to find hismissing Father, rare EP.

18024 The Ming Lama B+ £45 Thisis an episode from the American ‘The Ford Television Theatre’ from 1953, itstars Howard Duff, Angela Lansbury & Francis L. Sullivan. A Pilot of a oneman band Airline has what he thinks is a simple job to deliver a valuableChinese Antique, but every underworld figure wants it as well, which means adangerous delivery

18025 Metropolis B+ £60 (2x400’) Rare edited version of Fritz Lang’s seminal 1927 Sci-Ficlassic, includes a lot of the famous images and scenes

16355 Vintage Aircraft No.2 B+ £30 (600’) Amateurfootage that features many vintage aircraft, this reel has footage of the RedArrows, Harrier and one of the Fortress bombers + more

16469 Water Reclamation Plant B+ £20 (250’) Prettygood print of this film looking at how our water is treated again and again forhuman use, very unusual and rare

17815 Dollars and Sense B+ £45 (2x400’) Blackhawkprint of this 1916 comedy starring Ora Carew & Joseph Belmont. A country girl and a foppishEnglishman inherit an estate, but the will states it cannot be divided, andthey would have to marry, if one refuses then the estate goes to the other, thegirl schemes to swindle the Englishman,can she do it!

16694 Blood and Sand B+/B £30 (500’ on 2x400’ reels) Highlightsfrom the 1922 Rudolph Valentino silent classic, he plays a Toreador who has anaffair

17495 The Block Signal B+/B £45 (2x400’) Perry’sMovies print of this 1926 Railways story, the railways are changing from themoving arm signals to coloured lights (Red & Green), but no one thought totest the train drivers for being colour blind, which in this film ends in afantastically shot head on train collision, which impacts on the lives of thepassengers and railway workers, unusual and rare!

17614 The Fighting Eagle B+ £45 (2x400’) Madeby Warner Bros./Pathe in 1927, it stars Rod la Rocque as a Brigadier inNapoleon’s Army who exposes a traitor, this is rare!

Super 8mm 16-20 Min Edited (400’) – ColSound (25% Discount Until 30/4/24)

6459 Mickey Mouse The 1st50yrs B/B+ £13 Highlights fromM.M.’s film career

10112 Goofy’s Golden Gags B+ £12 OB PN: Has slight fade thus price Clips from the best Goofycartoons

10791 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing B £9 OB PN: NoTitles Jennifer Jones & WilliamHolden star

12126 Goofy’s Golden Gags B+/B £20 OB Excerpts from ‘Goofy’s Glider’ –‘Baggage Buster’ – ‘Art Of Self Defence’ – ‘Tiger Trouble’ & ‘Knight For ADay’

12992 Sleeping Beauty B-/B £8 BothDisney animated extracts, has good colour but also has green scratches (on

13075 The Sugarland Express Pt.1 B+ £10 1stPart only of Goldie Hawn drama, U8 release

13289 Confessions of a Driving Instructor Pt.1 B+ £17 Prettygood print of this bawdy British sex comedy from the 1970’s

12393 Mickey Mouse the first 50 Years B+ £12 P/N; Has slight fade MemorableMoments from the career of Disney’s animated Mouse

13403 Flower Drum Song B+ £14 Only fair quality, butI’ve never really seen a good print of this

title, Nancy Kwan stars in this Rodgers andHammerstein musical

13500 The Virgin and the Gypsy B+/B £20 OB Rare Iver Films print of this film basedupon a D.H. Lawrence novel, it stars Franco Nero (as the Gypsy) and JoannaShimkus

14906 Carousel B+£14 P/N: a little light in places Lovely Hollywoodmusical

14915 MexicanHat Dance B+/B £14 Musical segmentfrom the 1958 RKO film “The Girl Most Likely” starringJane Powell & Cliff Robertson, nice colour

15122 Mexican Hat Dance B+/B £13 Musical segment from the 1958 RKO film “The Girl Most Likely” starring Jane Powell & Cliff Robertson

15410 Slap Shot B+£13 OB P/N: Has slight fade Paul Newman stars in this raucous Ice Hockeycomedy, with some adult language included

15422 Mickey Mouse The First50 Years B+/B £12 P/N: Has some fade Take alook at some of the best bits from Disney’s Mickey Mouse

15733 Love is a Many-Splendored Thing B+ £13 OB P/N: slightfade William Holden & Jennifer Joneslove story (1955)

15771 The Jolson Story B+ £14 P/N: WarmColour Larry Parks mimes along superblyto actual Jolson recordings telling his life (sanitised!) story

Super 8mm 16-20 Min Edited (400’) –Col Sound (25% Discount Until 30/4/24)

15820 Jolson Sings Again B+ £12 OB P/N: Onlyaverage colour Rare print of this sequel to the “Jolson Story”,once again Larry Parks mimes perfectly to the original Jolson sung songs, thisfilm tells a later story as Jolson returns to the stage

15832 Flower Drum Song B+ £8 OB P/N: Pinkyprint Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s musicalstarring Nancy Kwan & James Shigetta

16121 National LampoonsAnimal House B£10 Colour is pretty good on this 1970’scomedy from U8 starring John Belushi, shame about the wear!

16206 The Jolson Story B+/B £12 P/N: Has somefade Columbia digest starring Larry Parks with the real Al Jolson singing the songs,nice digest, reasonable colour

16258 More From Emmanuelle B+/B £15 OBP/N: Slight fade Sylvia Kristel starsin more scenes from the original movie, adults only for this title, I wouldsuggest!

16260 Alice in Wonderland B/B+ £20 Both Disney animated extracts together on 1 reel, lovely Disneyanimation as usual

16265 Goofy’s Golden Gags B+/B £15 P/N: Slightfade Clips from ‘Goofy’s Glider’ –‘Baggage Buster’ – ‘Art of Self Defence’ – ‘Tiger Trouble’ & ‘Knight for aDay’

16299 Sandokan – The Tiger of Malaysia B+ £20 OB Good print of this 1976 action adventurestarring Kabir Bedi (Octopuss*), it’s an all action reel set in Malaysia ashe’s attacking English & Danish ships taking his revenge on the East IndiaCompany

16372 All the President’s Men B+ £22 RareW.B.’s print of this 1976 thriller based around the Watergate scandal thatforced Richard Nixon to resign, it stars Dustin Hoffman & Robert Redford asreporters Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein

16466Disney’s Greatest Chases B to B/B+ £15Pretty good colour on this Disney releaseshowing some of there greatest chases from films like ‘Freaky Friday’ etc.

16485 Locomotion B+/B £20 P/N: hasintermittent green scratch for 2-3 minutes at start Good colour on this 1975 production looking at the history of trainsset to music

16612 Plaster of Paris Techniques B+ £15 Don’t sayI don’t give you variety, this medical documentary (made in the 1970’s) looksat the various techniques for setting bones into Plaster of Paris, pretty goodcolour as well, very unusual!

16616 Gigi B+ £10 OB P/N: NoTitles and a few feet missing from start Pretty good colour onthis M.G.M. musical starring Leslie Caron & Maurice Chevalier

16772 Pluto’s Playful Pranks B+/B £14 P/N: slightfade Highlights from Pluto cartoons –‘Wonder Dog’ – ‘Bone Trouble’ – ‘Pluto’s Playmate’ – ‘Pluto’s Quin-puplets’& ‘Pluto’s Fledgling’

16773 Percy’s Progress B/B+ £15 OB Leigh Lawson & Elke Sommer star in this1974 British sex comedy, Percy (who has had a Penis transplant, as you do!)finds out after a chemical spill which has made men impotent, finds out he’sthe only real ‘Man’ who can stand up to the ‘Job’ of satisfying women, what ajob to have!

16804 Paradise Hawaiian Style B+/B £20 OB P/N: shorttitles Good print of this 1966 ElvisPresley musical, some fine music in this edit too!

16992 Hot Dog B/B+£15 P/N: slight fade Made in the 1970’s,.This shows the then new sport of acrobatic skiing, it’s well filmed too!

17247 Jolson Sings Again B+ £12 P/N: hassome fade Larry Parks stars once again assinger Al Jolson, some fine music included

17251 Carousel B+£20 OB Pretty good print of this 1956 classic musical starring Gordon MacRae& Shirley Jones

17261 The Legend of Frenchie King B to B/B+ £15 OBRare Iver digest, it’s got goodcolour but has some heavy wear at the beginning of the reel, although it doesimprove as the reel goes on, it stars Brigitte Bardot & Claudia Cardinale

pher Reeves, Marlon Brando, Margot Kidder &Ed Beatty

17839 Mickey’s Memorable Moments B+/B £25 OB Nice colour on this Disney highlights reelshowing some of Mickey’s best cartoons, sequences from ‘Magician Mickey’ –‘Brave Little Tailor’ – ‘Mickey’s Delayed Date’ – ‘Mickey and the Seal’ &‘Simple Things’

17850 Dracula Promo B+ £20 OB Goodcolour on this 13 minute promo from the 1979 movie starring Frank Langella& Laurence Olivier

17851 Hannie Caulder B+ £25 Nice colour on this Waltonrevenge western release (both extracts on 1 reel) starring Raquel Welch, RobertCulp & Ernest Borgnine

17906 The Freedom Train B+/B £35 P/N: slightfade Interurban Films U.S.A. release of this train that toured America in 1976 as part of the Bi-Centennialcelebrations, a Southern Pacific 4-8-4, very rare in the U.K.

17917 Disney’s Greatest Chases B £15 Pretty goodcolour on this Disney live action highlights reel, featuring some of the bestcar chases from some of their films

17918 The Ten Commandments, Pt.2 B+ £20 Prettygood colour print from the Marketing 3x400’ ftr., it stars Charlton Heston& Yul Brynner etc.

17919 The Erotic Adventures of Zorro, Pt.1 B+ £17 Prettygood colour print of this early Derann release, with a sexed up version of theZorro story

17986 Superman The Movie B+/B £20 OB P/N: slightlyshorter titles Pretty good colour on this first outing forChristopher Reeve as the ‘Man of Steel’, Gene Hackman also stars

Super 8mm 16-20 Min Edited (400’) –Col Sound (25% Discount Until 30/4/24)

17993 The Land that Time Forgot B+/B £16 OB P/N: slightfade Doug McClure & Susan Penhaligonstar in this action adventure with Dinosaurs

10832 World War II – The Toughest Target B+/B £25 OB Pretty good colour (considering the age ofthe material) on this Techno Films release of actual footage from WW2, thiscentres on the raid by American bombers on German oil fields in Polesti Rumaniain 1943

10834 World War II – Midway B+/B £25 OB Pretty good colour (considering the age ofthe material) on this Techno Films release of actual footage from WW2, thislooks at the bloody battle for ‘Midway Island’ in the Pacific

18046 Laurence oif Arabia B+/B £20 OB P/N: slightfade Rare digest of this classic DavidLean film depicting the life of T.P. Laurence starring Peter O’ Toole & allstar cast

18050 Capital City B+ £20 OB P/N: slight fade Fletcher Films release of this 1950’stravelogue looking at Londonlandmarks, narrated by Eamonn Andrews

18055 Blue Hawaii B+ £25 OB Pretty good colour on this Elvis Presleymusical, with many classic songsincluded in its running time

18064 Mickey Mouse the 1st 50 Years B+ £25 Nicecolour on this Disney animated reel celebrating M.M.’s first 25 years in theCinema, many clips from classic cartoons

18103 Mickey’s Memorable Moments B+ £30 OB Fine colour on this Disney reel whichhighlights some of M.M.’s best cartoons, with excerpts from – ‘Magician Mickey’– ‘Brave Little Tailor’ – ‘Mickey’s Delayed Date’ – ‘Mickey and the Seal’ &‘Simple Things’

18157 Tarka the Otter B+ £25 OB Good colour on this rare Walton print ofthis 1979 story of the life of a real Otter, narrated by Peter Ustinov

18161 The Ten Commandments Pt.2 B+ £15 2ndpart from the 3x400’ Marketing mini feature of this Cecil B. DeMille Bibleclassic starring Charlton Heston

18214 101 Dalmatians B+/B £25 Both Disney extracts fromthe classic animated “101 Dalmatians” together on one reel, pretty good colourtoo!

18222 World War II – Iwo Jima: Eight Square miles ofHell B+ £25 OB Pretty good colour oforiginal WW2 footage of this bloody battle for the island of Iwo Jima

18258 Flying Leathernecks B+ £20 John Wayne& Robert Ryan star in this WW2 action film as U.S. Navy pilots fighting in thePacific warzone, nice colour print too!

18274 Easter Parade B+ £14 OB P/N: slight fade Judy Garland & Fred Astaire star in this M.G.M. musical classic

18283 Calamity Jane Promo B+ £40 Rare Derann print of this Doris Day and Howard Keel classic comedymusical western from 1953

18324 The QuillerMemorandum B+£25 SCOPE Rare Scope print fromWalton of this 1966 spy thriller starring George Segal & Alec Guinness,nice colour too!

Super 8mm 16-20 Min Edited (400’) – Col Silent (25% DiscountUntil 30/4/24)

16354 Vintage Aircraft No.1 B+ £25 Amateurfootage that features many vintage aircraft, Avro, Anson, Lancaster &Vulcan are featured on this reel + more

Super 8mm 16-20 Min Edited (400’) – B/WSound (25% Discount Until 30/4/24)

15023 The World in Flames –ItalyJoins the Axis B £22 OB ActualWW2 footage in this documentary looking at Italy’s participation in WW2

15250HallelujahI’m a Tramp (‘Bum’) Pt.1 B+/B £15 Al Jolson & Madge Evans star in this1933 musical comedy, early Derann release

15251HallelujahI’m a Tramp (‘Bum’) Pt.2 B/B+ £15 Al Jolson & Madge Evans star in this1933 musical comedy, early Derann release

15252HallelujahI’m a Tramp (‘Bum’) Pt.4 B+/B £15 Al Jolson & Madge Evans star in this1933 musical comedy, early Derann release

15556The Elizabethan Express B+/B £22 Fair Walton print of this 1954short that looks at the nonstop railway express from Londonto Edinburgh

15752 Hollywood Musical (Yankee Doodle Dandy) B/B+ £20 Forthose who do not want (or can afford) the F/L print of the James Cagney classicmusical, here’s a nice extract that gives the flavour of the full film, takenfrom the beginning of the film we see a young George M. Cohan bluffing his wayinto showbiz!

15762 The Golf Specialist B+ £20 Brilliantearly sound comedy from 1930 starring legendary W.C. Fields who just wants toplay Golf, although there are many distractions!

15766 Let’s Make Rhythm B+/B £20 OB Stan Kenton and his orchestra musical from1947, very rare now!

15845 Hollywood Laughter Makers – L&H in BlockheadsB+ £20 Another extract from the L&H feature ‘Blockheads’, this starts withStan sitting in a Wheelchair at the veterans home, and Ollie thinks he’s lost aleg

15887Fraternally Yours B+/B £20 Extract from the 1933 Laurel &Hardy comedy feature from 1933, brilliant still!

15958The Golf Specialist B+ £25 OB W.C. Fields comedy shortclassic from 1930, this is one of the funniest attempts to play a round of golfever put on celluloid

16009 It’sTommy Tucker Time B+ £20 OB Tommy Tucker andhis Orchestra play some great 1940’s tunes, pretty rare now!

Super 8mm 16-20 Min Edited (400’) –B/W Sound (25% Discount Until 30/4/24)

16253 Uncle Sol Solves It B+ £25 Rare Comedy musical short from 1938, itstars Eddie Lambert and contains the first ever known recording of Opera legendBeverley Sills (8 to 9 years old when made), I’ve not seen this before!

16256 Flaming Lead B+ £20 Western adventure from 1939 starring Ken Maynard and Tarzan hisintelligent horse, nice Walton release

16298 Song of IndiaB+ £20 OB Very rare print of this Columbia release starringSabu, Gail Russell & Turhan Bey

16356 Higher and Higher B+ £20 FrankSinatra stars in this 1943 musical comedy, this must have been one of hisearliest screen appearances

16424 Secret Assignment B+ £20 OB Ken Maynard is assigned to run down a gangof stage coach robbers, plenty of action!

16507 King of Diamonds B+ £25 (250’) OBPerhaps one more for our friends inAmerica, this fine Blackhawk Films release (made in 1952) tells the life storyof legendary Baseball star Lou Gehrig, who after a very successful careersuccumbed to the disease named after him in the U.S.A. (Motor Neuron Disease isanother name), it’s well made with many clips

16593 The Fabulous Dorseys B+/B £17 Nice digest of this 1947 Biopic looking atthe lives of the 2 Dorsey Brothers, played by themselves as well, fine big bandmusic

16618 Way Out West B/B+ £20 This is basically part 1 from the feature, soroughly the first 16-17 minutes of this classic Laurel & Hardy comedy

16698 The Music Box B+/B £20 Walton print of thisclassic Laurel & Hardy comedy, which although in English has small Frenchsub-titles, thus price!

16722 Shall We Dance Pt.2 B+/B £20 This has replacedtitles to make a self contained 400’ reel from this Fred Astaire & GingerRogers musical

16754 The Dentist B+ £25 Rare F/L print of this 1932W.C. Fields comedy short, he plays an unconventional Dentist, with someunconventional patients to match

16839You’re Telling Me! B+ £25 OB The brilliant W.C. Fields plays ahard drinking inventor in this 1934 comedy classic

16919Screen Snapshots – Memories of Famous HollywoodComedians B+/B £20 OB Columbia release of this1952 compilation reel narrated by Joe E. Brown, we see many clips of silentcomedians at work and at home, it’s a nice and interesting reel

16942Hollywood Hotel B+/B £25 (300’) Thisreel features a lot of the music from this 1936 Warner Bros. production, itfeatures Benny Goodman & his Orchestra plus appearances from Dick Powelletc.

16943TheBig Band Sound - Piano Rhythm B+ £20 Made in 1949this stars pianist Jan August, and singer Kitty Kallan, one formusic fans of the 1940’s and early 1950’s

16945The Golf Specialist B+ £22 J. Effingham Bellweather plays Golfdespite many slapstick setbacks, the great W.C. Fields stars as ‘Bellweather’in this classic 1930 comedy short

16988One Live Ghost B+ £22 OB RKO comedy short from1936, it stars Leon Errol & a young Lucille Ball, Leon wants togo fishing, but things in the house keep him away, the maid (Ball) is makingnoise etc.

17038Oh, Mr. Porter! B+ £22 Nice Walton digest of this classic1937 Will Hay comedy, here with his team of Moore Marriot & Graham Moffatt

17113Crashing HollywoodB+ £25 Ultra rare digest of this 1938 comedy crime movie, it starsLee Tracy, an ex-con meets a screen writer on a train, and decideto team up, he starts telling real stories about current gangsters, who are nottoo happy with him, to say the least!

17141The Elizabethan Express B+ £25 Fair Walton print of this 1954 shortthat looks at the nonstop railway express from London to Edinburgh

17147Two Tars B+/B £20 (270’) Laurel & Hardy comedy withmusic from 1928, it has all its titles but I believe there is some footagemissing, it starts with the boys cueing up in their rented car with the 2 girlsin a big traffic jam, it works quite well as all the real funny stuff with thedestruction of the cars is all their!

17253The Old Fashioned Way B+ £25 OB Rare U8 print of this 1934W.C. Fields comedy, he plays the owner of a 3rd rate Vaudevilleshow, with money troubles

17257The Girl on the Poster B+ £20 OB This stars Harry Roy andhis band, and I think it’s an extract from the 1936 movie ’Everything isRhythm’, it features his music, Tap dancing and a big dance routine in thestyle of ‘Busby Berkeley’

17265You’re Telling Me! B+ £25 Rare U8print of this 1934 W.C. Fields comedy, he plays a hard drinking (as in reallife!) inventor

17510Blitzon Britain – Part 2: Battle of Britain B+/B £20 OB Actual WW2 footage, we see dog fightsbetween the British & German Airforces, plus much more, nice Walton print

17554Born Yesterday B+/B £20 Columbia comedy from 1950 starringJudy Holliday, William Holden & Broderick Crawford, a Tycoon hires a man toteach his lover how to speak ‘Properly’, but as usual in films like this,things happen!

17580Hollywood andthe Stars – The Great Lovers B+/B £25 Joseph Cottonnarrates this documentary looking at some of the big screen heart throbs fromover the years

17581You Were Never Lovelier B+ £20 OB Columbia release of this1942 comedy musical starring Fred Astaire & Rita Hayworth

made in 1972, it gives a potted history of mannedflight, narrated by James Mason

Super 8mm 16-20 Min Edited (400’) –B/W Sound (25% Discount Until 30/4/24)

17665The Dentist B+ £22 OB Niles Films print of this 1932W.C. Fields comedy, he plays an eccentric dentist who has many problems toovercome, many of them are his patients

17667Genevieve B+ £20 OB Walton print of this famousBritish comedy starring Kay Kendall, Dinah Sheridan, Kenneth More & JohnGregson, plus1 vintage car!

17669Every Sunday B+ £25 (250’) P/N: on colour stock, has aslight purple tint 1934 M.G.M. musical short featuring Judy Garland &Deanna Durbin, boy this is rare now!

17799Calling All Girls B+/B £25 Warner Bros. short from 1942, itshows the process the studios use to select girls for the chorus line in moviemusicals, clips from some famous Busby Berkeley musicals are included as well!

17826We’re Wrestling Tonight B+ £25 OB I’ve never seen thisWalton release before, it’s a Tag Team match between ‘The Wildman of Borneo’ +‘Mike ‘Hardboiled’ Haggerty Vs. ‘Judo’ Al Hayes + ‘Rebel’ Ray Hunter, I’mguessing late 1960’s early 1970’s, unusual!

17828Pal, Canine Detective B/B+ £20 OB Pal the Alsatian andGary are playing Detectives, but play turns into a real life adventure, 1950RKO Pal adventure

17849Pennies from Heaven B+ £20 Bing Crosby comedy drama (with a bitof music!) from 1936, he helps out a struggling family

17859 Giants ofSteam B+ £30 Both Walton parts of this BBC produced documentary from 1963 looking atsome classic Railway Engines

17860 You Ain’tHeard Nothing Yet B+/B (300’) £25 Reel Images American import, which consistsof Al Jolson singing some of his greatest songs direct to camera, looking athis clothes I’m guessing it’s sometime in the 1940’s,really unusual& rare!

17861 Hollywood Ato Z B+ £25 (220’) OB BlackhawkFilms release uses newsreel footage (Movietone) to show some of the biggeststars of the day (1930’s to 40’s I’m guessing), it starts off with Will Rogerstalking about his recent trip, rare in the U.K.

17898 Pal’s Adventure B+/B £25 OB Rare RKO short made in 1948 starring ‘Flame’the dog, who helps clear his master from being labelled a thief

17909 Crashing Hollywood B+/B £20 (300’) Comedyset in the world of crime, this 1938 movie stars Lee Tracey & Joan Woodburywho collaborate with a screen writer who’s writing about crime, and as he’s anex-con, he thinks its easy money!

17910 Busy Bodies B+/B £28 OB Brilliant Laurel & Hardy comedy from1933, the boys work at a Sawmill, but the machines and Stan make work very hardgoing!

17915 One Live Ghost B £14 Leon Errol & a young Lucille Ball star in this 1936 comedy short,Leon just wants to go Fishing, but things keep thwarting him

Endstation B+/B £25 (300’) OB German release (no talking) on the lastjourney of an 01 steam Loco famous on the German Railways, it had speedsbetween 130-150 km/h and was built from 1925 onwards, well made littledocumentary

17941 Pathe Gazette 1941 B+/B £30 (300’) Rare extended edition that looks at some ofthe big stories from this pivotal WW2 year, comes on a 300’ reel and case

17948 If I Had a Million B+/B £22 OB W.C. Fields stars in this 1932 comedy, adying tycoon gives away money to 8 people picked out of the phone book, nice U8print too!

17970 Calling All Girls B+/B £25 OB Made in 1942 by Warner Bros. to show theprocess of picking girls for the chorus line, we also get clips from some of theBusby Berkeleymusicals from the 1930’s as well

17971 My Pal B+/B£17 OB P/N: No titles Apart from the missing titles this reel is full to the brim, it wasmade in 1947 and stars Ted Donaldson and Flame the Wonder Dog, rare print!

17991 The Last Hurrah B+/B £25 OB Rare Columbia digest of this 1958 dramastarring Spencer Tracey, who plays an old political boss trying one more chanceto become a Mayor of his town for the last time

18022 Fast Freight B+ £25 Made by RKO-Pathe this Railway film looked at how freight was movedaround America, it looks like the 1930’s or 40’s to me!

18045 Ghost Buster B+/B £25 OB Very rare Derann F/L print of this 1952 GilLamb comedy, he plays a window washer for the local paper, who has aspirationsto be a reporter, when he hears of the disappearance of a Millionaire’s Nephew,he sets out to find him!

18049 The Adventures ofCaptain Marvel B+ £25 OB Rare Derann digestreel from the 1941 multi part serial starring Tom Tyler

18063 Pest from the West B+/B £22 Classic Columbia comedy from 1939,Buster Keaton stars as a Millionaire on holiday in Mexico who falls for a local girl

18102 Flying Down to Rio B+/B £25 (300’) OB Rare digest print of this early (1933) RKOmusical that features Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers (actually 3rd& 4th billed), fun musical comedy, that started the famouspartnership over many more films

18190 Blitz on Britain – Part 2: The Battleof Britain B+/B £20 Walton print of this reel that concentrates on the Battleof Britain as the R.A.F.takes on the Luftwaffe in the skies over Britain

18193 The Sky’s the Limit B+ £20 (210’ on a 300’ reel) OBThis is a Film Office print of thisextract from the 1943 musical starring Fred Astaire & Joan Leslie, whenthey sing it’s in English, but there are one or two words in French, but notmany

18257Laurel & Hardy –A Day at the Studio B+ £35 (260’) OB Perry’sMovies print of this rare Laurel & Hardy segment from the 1937 film “Pick aStar”, the boys are on form as well, and it’s nice that they are called bytheir real names for once

Super 8mm 16-20 Min Edited (400’) –B/W Sound (25% Discount Until 30/4/24)

18278Li’l Abner B+ £25 OB Rare Niles Film import of this1940 comedy based on the American comic strip, starring Jeff York and BusterKeaton

18284Sing With the Stars – Carmen Miranda B+ £25 (210’) OB RarePerry’s Movies print of this 1945 WW2 short filmed to be shown to Americanservicemen, it includes her most famous song “Aye, Aye, Aye I like You VeryMuch!”, unusual

18286Songs from “You’re in the Army Now” B+ £25 Early Derannrelease which contains musical numbers used in the 1941 film starring JimmyDurante, rare!

18290The All - Star Bond Rally B+ £25 Made in the U.S, in 1945 as a WarBond promo, it has music and skits from some of the biggest stars of the daylike Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Betty Grable and many more

Super 8mm 16-20 MinEdited (400’) – B/W Optical Sound (25% Discount Until30/4/24)

18217The Vagabond B+ £25 OB Film Office optical sound printwith music and effects of this 1916 Charlie Chaplin comedy, Charlie is aViolinist who rescues a girl from a band of Gypsies!

7450 Fraternally Yours B+/B £16 OB Fine extract from the Laurel& Hardy feature “Sons of the Desert”, brilliant 1930’s comedy

7713 Blockheads B+ £15 OB This is an extract from the Laurel & Hardy feature

11638Back From Eternity B/B+ £20 Survivors of a plane crash mustfight for their lives in the South American jungle as they land in an areacontrolled by vicious cannibals , Robert Ryan stars

16487 The Live Ghost B+/B £24 Walton print of this 1934 Laurel & Hardy comedy, a skipper ishaving trouble getting crew as a rumour is going around his ship has a ‘Ghost’,along come hapless Stan & Ollie, the fun and laughs begin!

16609Saps at Sea B £15 OB Laurel & Hardy think theyare going to spend a weekend on a moored boat, but find that they are adriftwith a murderer on board!

16630Tit for Tat B+ £24 Nice Walton print of this 1935 Laurel& Hardy comedy, the boys open a home appliance store next to their nemesisfrom “Them Thar Hills”, who own a grocery shop, a war quickly breaks outbetween the two stores

16631Captain David Grief – A Son of the Sun B+ £17 This comes froma TV series from 1957 and stars Maxwell Reed as a seafaring South Sea Traderwho has adventures aboard his boat “The Rattler”

16696Keystone Cops to the Rescue B+ £20 (210’ on 400’ reel) Fun capers withthe silent era Keystone Cops, here with added music track

16776Masked Bandit B/B+ £20 Western short which stars RoyRogers, I’m not sure this is the correct title, but I definitely saw Roy Rogersin it!

16780Stagecoach B+ £20 OB John Wayne, Clair Trevor &Andy Devine star in this classic John Ford Western from 1939, nice Walton print too!

16797A Night in CasablancaB+/B £20 Fun extract from this funny ‘Marx Bros.’ film from 1946,Groucho, Chico & Harpo are on fine form

16888The Music Box B+/B £25 OB Walton print of thisclassic 1932 Laurel & Hardy short, as the boys attempt to deliver a Pianoup a large flight of stairs, with many hilarious mishaps

16985Stagecoach B+/B £24 OB The film that made John Waynea star, this John Ford western also stars Claire Trevor & Andy Devine, niceWalton print too!

16986Busy Bodies B+ £24 Walton print of this 1933 Laurel &Hardy comedy classic short, Stan & Ollie work in a sawmill, but mishapswith tools, and a large band saw eventually ruin their day!

16990The Live Ghost B+ £24 Walton print of this 1934Laurel & Hardy comedy, a skipper is having trouble getting crew as a rumouris going around his ship has a ‘Ghost’, along come hapless Stan & Ollie,the fun and laughs begin!

17033 Dirty Work B+ £24 Walton print of this 1933 Laurel & Hardy comedy, the boys have beenhired to sweep an eccentric Professors chimney, but as usual things do not gosmoothly

17183Going Bye-Bye! B+/B £24 OB Laurel & Hardycomedy from 1934, the boys testify against a dangerous criminal, who vows toget even, he escapes custody and goes after the boys, nice Walton print

17184County Hospital B+/B £24 OB Stan goes to visit Olliein Hospital, he’s got a broken leg, but he’s enjoying the quiet, then entersStan, who is a one man wrecking ball. Brilliant 1932 L&H comedy, niceWalton prints too!

17215Towed in a Hole B+ £24 OB Stan& Ollie are successful Fish merchants, but Stan has an idea (Oh dear!), whynot cut out the middle men and catch their own Fish by buying a boat, andcatching the Fish themselves, brilliant short from 1932

17326 Long John Silver B/B+ £17 EarlyDerann release of this kind of sequel to Disney’s “Treasure Island” starring once again Robert Newton as the title character

17329 Sundown B+£17 OB Walton release of this 1941 Gene Tierney, George Sanders & BruceCabot WW2 drama set in Africa, a local woman helps the British against the Naziforces staying in Somalia

17330 Secret Assignment B+ £20 OB Ken Maynard western, he goes undercover torun down a gang of Stagecoach robbers, rare Walton print

17496 Boobs in the Wood B+/B £25 HaroldLangdon silent comedy, here with a music track, from 1925. Harry triesto make it as a Lumberjack, but he’s got a couple of things going against him,firstly he’s a weakling, and secondly he’s got a jealous foreman, as Harry hasa good looking girlfriend!

17541 World Cup 1966 – England 4 – W. Germany 2 B+/B £20 P/N: thesoundtrack is a little noisy Rare lengthshowing highlights from this classic World Cup final from Wembley

17965Death Rides the Range B+ £15 OB Ken Maynard and his horseTarzan in a western adventure from 1939, nice Walton print

17968The Phantom Rides the Trail B+/B £15 OBThe original 1940 title was “Phantom Rancher”, nice Walton digest ofwestern starring Ken Maynard & horse Tarzan

17972The Dentist B+ £20 Brilliantly whacky 1932 comedy starringW.C. Fields as a Dentist looking after a variety of eccentric patients, stillfunny after all these years!

17977Me and my Pal B+ £20 Blackhawk Films print of this 1933Laurel & Hardy comedy, it’s the morning of Ollies wedding, but all the boyswant to do is finish a jigsaw!

17985Mickey’s Tent Show B+/B £25 This musical comedy short from1933 stars Mickey Rooney, in one of the ‘Mickey McGuire’ shorts he starred in,here it’s the usual let’s put on a show theme, which was a well used theme ofthe time, very unusual find

18020Distant Drums B+ £20 OB Walton digest of thisadventure starring Gary Cooper set in the early days of America, he’s fighting hostile Indians in the Florida everglades

18216 The Hoose-Gow B+ £25 OB Blackhawk Films release of this 1929 Laurel& Hardy comedy, the boys are swept up in a Police raid, sentenced to Jailin a Police labour camp, where mayhem ensues, as only L&H can conjure!

17613 Southern PacificSteam Parts 1 & 2 B/B+ £20 P/N:has some fade Rare (in the U.K.)Sunday River Films release, filmed in the 1950’s showing the trains of the time

12832 Oil and Water B+ £20 D.W. Griffith drama from 1913 starring BlancheSweet, rare!

13471 Sexual Case Histories of an M.D. B+ £25 Now wheredid this come from, we see an M.D. talking about some of his most interestingsexual cases, a little bit of nudity, but it looks like it was produced in the1970’s, very unusual, and rare!

15989 The Pit and the Pendulum B+/B £13 ChristopherLee & Lex Barker star in this version of the Edgar Alan Poe story

16270 All Night Long B+/B £20 Harry Langdon comedyshort from 1924, Harry runs into his old Marine Sergeant and it reminds him ofa rivakry with a girl while stationed in France during WW1

16272 European Cup Final 1960 (HampdenPark) B+ £15 Real Madrid 7 Eintracht Frankfurt 3, watch 10 goals in thisclassic European final held in Scotland

16592 From Soup toNuts £20 OB Laurel & Hardy comedyshort from 1928, the Boys are hired as waiters,unfortunately they know nothing about the job

16941 The Covered Wagon B+ £20 Bothsilent extracts here edited in the correct order from this 1923 westernadventure, as wagon caravans head West to start a new life

17022A Hash House Fraud B+/B £25 (270’) OB Keystone comedyfrom 1916, a swindle in a tiny downtown restaurant leads to a classic KeystoneCops finale, rare Blackhawk Films import

17074Shipmates Ashore B+/B £20 OB Basically this is theLaurel & Hardy short from 1928 “Two Tars” re-branded, the boys play twosailors on leave, who hire a car to take their girlfriends for a ride, but asmall accident turns into an orgy of car destruction

17145 Knight of the Trail B+ £25 OB Ultra rare Blackhawk release of this 1915William S. Hart Western short, here he plays a good ‘badman’, who saves his exgirlfriend from the clutches of a gold digging Fiancé who just wants her money!

17466 The Nautilus B+/B £25 OB Blackhawk Films release which shows thefirst ever nuclear powered submarine’s record 1958 voyage where on 3rdAugust 1958 it made the first submerged transit of the North Pole, some greatsubmarine footage

17606Blood Devils B+/B £15”B”movie horror from 1970, a madscientist creates a Monster, when his head is cut off he keeps it alivein aspecial serum

17833Hot Sports B+ £25 (270-280’) OB Blackhawk print of1929 slapstick comedy starring Monte Collins & Vernon Dent, Collins &Dent are 2 Plumbers on the way to a Plumbers Ball, but instead mistakenly turnup at a swanky high class party, where they cause havoc

17847The Haunted House B+ £25 Rare F/L print of this1921 BusterKeaton short, he plays a Bank clerk who ends up in what he thinks is a haunted house,but is a thieves den instead

17896The Second 100 Years B+/B £20 OB Rare Laurel & Hardycomedy from 1927,the boys are thrown in Prison eachfor 100 years, they break out and pose as house painters, and find themselvesin a party with visiting French dignitaries!

17900Barnum & Ringling, Inc. B+ £25 OB Blackhawk print of this1928 “Our Gang” Hal Roach comedy short, they are living in a Posh, but boringHotel, they decide to dress their pets up and put on a Circus, which can onlygo wrong, there’s even a cameo by Oliver Hardy as well, very rare importedprint

17966You’re Darn Tootin’ B+/B £20 OB Laurel & Hardycomedy from 1928, the boys are members of a band, but as usual, things go considerablywrong

17989 That’s My Wife B+ £22 Blackhawk Films print of this 1929 Laurel & Hardy comedy, Ollie isin line for a big inheritance from his rich uncle as long as he’s happilymarried, but just bef

18059Work B+ £25 OB Rare Blackhawk Films print ofthis 1915 Charlie Chaplin classic, Charlie and his boss are due to wallpaper ahouse, if they ever get there, and once they arrive things do not improve, thegas stove explodes etc.

18065The Floorwalker B+/B £22 Charlie Chaplin comedy from 1916,Charlie is mistaken for an embezzling Floorwaker, how will he prove hisinnocence

18097The Champion B_£22 Charlie Chaplin classic comedy from 1915,walking along with his dog he finds a ‘Lucky’ Horseshoe as he’s walking past aBoxing camp looking for sparring Boxers, but he loads his glove with thehorseshoe, and it starts!

18105A Night Out B+ £25 OB Rare Charlie Chaplin comedyfrom 1915, he’s out for a night with friend Ben Turpin, they cause a ruckus ina posh restaurant, and later finds himself in a compromising position with thehead waiter’s wife

18106Modern Times B+ £30 Rare Super 8 print of this 1936 CharlieChaplin comedy, ‘The Tramp’ struggles to live in the modern times of the 1930’s

18107 Easy Street
B+/B£25 Rare F/L print of this classic 1917 Charlie Chaplin comedy, the littleTramp reforms and joins the Police service, and mustdeal with a big bully who dominates Easy Street, his assigned beat

18108Shoulder Arms B+ £22 Charlie Chaplin comedy from 1918, aBoot camp privatedreams that he becomes a hero of WW1

18151 Mary, Queen of Tots B+ £25 OB Our Gang comedy from 1925, lonely rich kidMary is given 4 lifelike dolls, she falls asleep and in a dream sequence theycome to life and romp around her bedroom, very rare imported U.S.A. print

18219Easy Street B+/B £20 OB Rare Walton F/L print of thisclassic 1917 Charlie Chaplin comedy, the little Tramp joins the Police and isgiven Easy Street as his beat, but there’s nothing easy here as a big bullyruns things, can Charlie handle him!

18291Lost, Strayed or Stolen B+ £25 P/N: a little on the light side,poor master used Blackhawk Films release of this rare 1923 Western shortstarring Leo D. Maloney, this was the 13th release in the “RangRider Series”, very rare in U.K.

11718Real Madrid 7– Eintracht 3 B+ £16 OB Rare Soccer Films release(later to become Quality Products) of this 1960 European Cup final, pretty rareI would suggest, I’ve not seen it before

13531 Pals in Buckskin B+ £20 OB Perry’s Movies print of part one of the 1930Western serial “The Indians are Coming” starring Tim McCoy, pretty rare now

15059Movie Memories (1910 – 1928) B+/B £20 Columbia short that looks at eventsand people from 1910-28, include William S. Hart, The great Caruso etc., quiterare reel

15064Charlie Shanghaied B+ £20 (2x200’) OB Capitol filmrelease of this 1915 Charlie Chaplin comedy, Charlie gets caught up in a planto scuttle a boat for the insurance money

15768 EnglandVs. Hungary(1955) B £15 Rare footage of this International Football match won 6-3 by Hungary

16034 Movie Memories 1910-28 B+ £22 Columbia release looking at some of the stars andfilms from 1910-28, many clips included, Valentino etc.

16352 Modern Times B+/B £22 Nice extract from the Charlie Chaplin 1936classic, his Tramp finds it hard living in a modern world

16607 Height of Madness B+/B £15 OBI believe this is an extract from theHarold Lloyd comedy “Safety Last” from 1923, some great stunts on a building

16611Raising the Roof (a.k.a. TheFinishing Touch) B £20 Here’s a rare F/L version ofthe 1928 Laurel & Hardy comedy, the boys are contracted to build a house inone day, oh dear, many mishaps, me thinks!

16633 The Adventurer B £20 Classic Chaplin comedy from 1917, the ‘Tramp’ escapes from prison,saves a girl and her mother from drowning, and creates havoc at a swanky party

16671 Jack Dempsey’sGreatest Fights B+ £20 Blackhawk Films import thatlooks at the fights of legendary American Boxer Jack Dempsey, rare here in the U.K.

16805 The Blacksmith B+ £25 Rare Buster Keaton shortfrom 1922, he shoes horses and repairs cars, with mixed results only BusterKeaton could do!

17603 Early to Bed B+ £20 Laurel & Hardy comedyfrom 1928, Ollie comes into some money and hires Stan as his Butler, Ollietorments Stan so much he blows his top and finally rebels, and goes on therampage, nice Blackhawk print

17927 Should Married Men Go Home? B+/B£22 Nice Blackhawk print of thisrare 1928 Laurel& Hardy comedy, Stanvisits Ollie at his home, but Mrs. Hardy tells the boys to go out, they end upplaying Golf, and trying to impress 2 ladies!

17962Sailors, Beware B+/B £20 This comedy was made in 1927, itstars Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, but it’s not really a proper L&Hmovie, as it’s really a Stan Laurel comedy vehicle and Ollie is one of thesupporting cast, a female con artist is unmasked by Stan!

18020 Easy Street
B+£20 Rare F/L Charlie Chaplin comedy from 1917, a reformed Tramp becomes aPolice Officer and has to take on the local Bully (who’s a big man!)

Super 8mm 6-10 Min. (200’) – ColourSound (30% Discount Until 30/4/24)

4575 The Brutal Brothers B+ £9 Raquel Welch & Ernest Borgnine westernextract

7089 Hennessy B+/B £4 PN: Pinky Rod Steiger stars in thistaut thriller

7509 There’s No Feud B+ £8 OB ‘TheGreat Grape Ape’ cartoon from the 1970’s TV

7945 Rodeo – Branding ofCalves NEW £20 OB Brand new documentary looking at aspects of the Westerncowboy way of life i.e. Horsemanship and looking after Cattle etc.

8218 Branding of Calves –Rodeo B+/B£12 OB Cattle nature documentary

8240 Fawn – Antelope B+ £14 OB Nature documentary looking at Deer

9056 Donald Duck In The HighAndes B+/B£12 Donald Duck travels around Peru

9137 Dumbo The Flying Elephant B+ £10 PN:This is a sounded Sub Titled edition Disney classic

9189 Beaver – Mink B+ £8 OB PN: Colour is only average Wildlife documentary series

9498 The Three Musketeers -A Fair Day For Tooley B/B- £6 Hannah-Barbera cartoon from the 1960’s

9605 The Dapper Dalmatian B+ £13 Lovely extract from Disney’s ‘101 Dalmatians’ animated classic

10145 King Solomon’s Mines B+/B £7 OB PN: Colour is only fair African adventure movie from 1950

10166 Carousel B+ £12 OB Lovely Hollywood musical, they don’t make ‘em like thisanymore

10280 The Great Grape Ape –Amazon Ape B+/B£5 PN: a bit splicey at start thusprice Hanna-Barbera toon

10282 The Super Nanny B+/B £8 PN: a bit splicey at the start thus price “Mary Poppins” Disneyextract

10328 The Great Grape Ape –Flying Saucery B+/B £9 OB Another fun Hanna-Barbera TVcartoon

10332 Hong Kong Phooey – Gold Fischer B+/B £9 Fun and frantic Hanna-Barbera animatedTV cartoon

10531 Winnie The Pooh & Tigger Too B+ £12 Fine Disney animated fun starring ‘Winniethe Pooh’

10743 Donald Duck in the High AndesB/B+ £12 Disney animated extract from ‘Saludos Amigos’ from 1942

10817 Winnie The Pooh andTigger Too B+/B£10 Animated fun from Disney, as Tigger bounces on everyone

10831 TheBrutal Brothers B+ £14 Raquel Welch stars in extract from Western “Hannie Caulder”

11055 The Dapper Dalmatian B+ £14 OB Lovely extract from Disney’s ‘101 Dalmatians’ animatedclassic

11117Music Snap No.1 – The Judges Song B+/B £15 (110’) OB DCRrelease of a segment from the Gilbert & Sullivan comic operetta ‘Trial ByJury’, sung here by Laurence Richards, colours are muted, rare reel!

11183Baiting Beauties B+/B £10 U8 documentary on sport fishing,colour is on the warm side

11590 The Hong KongConnection B+ £11 PN: Pinky Kung Fu action fromthe 1970’s

12134 Quo Vadis B+£8 OB PN: warm looking colour Biblical epic with Robert Taylor

12745 Ore Extra 225 B+ £15 P/N: Has fade Starlake Films of America release, one train has 196loaded ore hoppers, with around 19,00 Tonnes on board,with a rear engine

12958 Muzzle Trouble B £10 OB Good colour, but has some wear to this ‘Lady & the Tramp’ Disneyanimated extract

12970 Escape From Astragard B £8 P/N: Notitle card Extract from Disney’s liveaction adventure ‘Island at the top of theWorld’ starring Donald Sinden

13107 Americaon Parade B+/B £15 Disneyland parade from the late 1960’s early 70’s,pretty good print too!

13167 The Dapper Dalmatian B+ £14 OB Lovely extract from Disney’s ‘101 Dalmatians’ animatedclassic

13561 An American in ParisB+/B £9 OB P/N: Has warm colour M.G.M.musical extract

14821 150th Anniversary of Steam B/B+ £13 OB Look at the (then) new York Railway Museum,then a cavalcade of famous locomotives are shown

14855 The Foolish Duckling B+/B £13 OB P/N: Slightfade Terry Toonfrom 1952

14856 Can-Can B+£13 P/N: Slight fadeFrank Sinatra & Shirley MacLaine star

15024 The Band Concert B £8 OB This is a sounded silent print with the oddsub-title, colour is only fair and it does have a scratch on the right handside

15235 Swing Ding Amigo B+/B £15 P/N: Hasa green line for first few feet Rare 1966Daffy Duck & Speedy Gonzalez W.B. cartoon

15243 Herbie the Love Bug B+ £20 OB Pretty good print to this the 1st‘Herbie’ movie made by Disney, starring Dean Jones & Michele Lee, gettingrare now

15247 Makin’ With the Magila B+/B £12 OBP/N: No Titles Rare Columbia ‘Magilla Gorilla’ cartoon from 1965,pretty good print though!

Leagues under the Sea” starring Kirk Douglas &James Mason

15496 Mutiny on the Bounty B+ £10 OB P/N: hassome fade Marlon Brando and Trevor Howardstar in this famous seafaring story

15510 Easter Parade B+/B £10 OB P/N: slight fade Judy Garland & Fred Astaire classic Hollywood M.G.M. musical

15547 Patton NEW £15 OB George C. Scott stars as General Patton intrue life WW2 story, new and sealed print

Super 8mm 6-10 Min. (200’) – ColourSound (30% Discount Until 30/4/24)

15574 The Duel of the Wizards B+/B £10 P/N: Hasslight fade Fine animated extract fromDisney’s ‘Sword in the Stone’

15579 Pete’s Dragon B+ £15 OB Pretty good print of this Disney mix ofanimation & live action, as a boy has a pet Dragon to play with

15609 Desiree B+£15 Fair colouron this historical drama about Napoleon starring Marlon Brando

15630 The Kingdom of the Sea – Journey to the GalapagosB+/B £20 OB i.e. international naturedocumentary looking at the wonders of the Galapagos Islands and some of itsstrange creatures

15631 The French Connection B+ £12 P/N: slightfade Gene Hackman stars in this toughPolice thriller as Inspector ‘Popeye’ Doyle

15632 Ivanhoe B+£12 P/N: slight fade Brilliant telling of this famous story starringRobert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor & Joan Fontaine, wow!

15633 Shots of Vengeance B+ £16 OB Walton extract from the Raquel Welch revengewestern ‘Hannie Caulder’, it’s a fine reel, if a bit violent!

15673 Danger is my Business – AlligatorWrestling B+/B £17 OB Rarei.e. international release of 1958 documentary looking at an unusual nativeAmerican activity15674 Carousel B+£13 Pretty good print of thisRodgers-Hammerstein musical from 1956 starring Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones& Cameron Mitchell

15677 The Dwarfs’ Dilemma B+ £10 Here’s a novelty, thisis a sounded sub-titled silent print, so if you’ve got any hard of hearingwatchers, this is for you

15687 Trooping the Colour B+/B £13 OB Walton print of this yearly Royal Event,filmed early 1970’s (I’m guessing!)

15704 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too B+/B £13 OB Pretty good colour on this Disney animationfrom 1974, Tigger is bouncing and bouncing, but has he gone too far!

15705 Herbie – The Love Bug B+ £15 OB Pretty good print of this Disney extractfrom the original ‘The Love Bug’ that introduced ‘Herbie’ the loveable VWBeetle with a mind of his own, it stars Dean Jones, Michelle Lee & BuddyHackett

15890 Island of Mystery B+/B £6 OB P/N: NoTitles & slight fade Fun extract fromDisney’s ‘Swiss Family Robinson’

15892 Pete’s Dragon B+ £12 P/N: Slightfade Disney mix of animation and live actionfrom 1977, fun extract

15898 Those Magnificent Men in TheirFlying Machines B+ £12 P/N: Has slight fade All star cast, but it’s really the vintage planes that are the stars inthis comedy from 1965

15899 Mutiny on the Bounty B+ £12 P/N: Hasslight fade Marlon Brando & TrevorHoward seafaring M.G.M. classic

15900 Can – Can B+ £12 P/N: Hasslight fade Frank Sinatra, ShirleyMacLaine & Louis Jourdan star in this comedy musical

15907 The Three Caballeros B+/B £14 Fairprint of this extract from the Disney feature, where Donald Duck is shownaround South America

15909 The Sand Pebbles B+ £12 OB P/N: Warmcolour Steve McQueen & RichardAttenborough Chinaset adventure

15910 Easter Parade B+/B £12 OB P/N: Slightfade Judy Garland & Fred Astaire inM.G.M. musical classic

15914 The Dwarfs’ Dilemma B+/B £14 Fineextract from Disney animated classic ‘Snow White’

15917 The Dirty Dozen B+ £13 Prettygood print of this tough WW2 adventure, starring Lee Marvin & all star cast

15931Love Bug #53 B+/B £15 Rarer Disney extract from ‘Herbie RidesAgain’, love that Bug!

15948 The Perishers – Spacehopper (120’) B+/B£7 OB P/N: Has fade Animated fun first shown on the BBC in 1979,based upon the ‘Daily Mirror’ cartoon strip, Leonard Rossiter voices ‘Boot’ thedog, pretty rare P.M. Films release

15987 Riding For a Fall B+/B £13 OB P/N: onlyaverage colour Behind the scenes footage of stunt men working onthe western ‘Major Dundee’, unusual!

15997 Frenzy – The Rape Scene B+ £12 (100’) P/N:Slight fade Great Scene series fromU8, this is the complete scene from Hitchco*ck’s thriller

16057 Congratulations It’sPink B £12 P/N: No Titles Pink Panthercartoon from 1967, the P.P. finds a baby left by campers in a National Park,can he find them?

Super 8mm 6-10 Min. (200’) – ColourSound (30% Discount Until 30/4/24)

16067 King Solomon’s Mines B+£8 OB P/N: hassome fade Deborah Kerr and StewartGrainger star in this famous African adventure

16081 Robin Hood and Little John B+ £12 P/N: SlightFade Fine animated Disney extract fromtheir F/L feature ‘Robin Hood’

16109 Island of MysteryB+ £14 OB Pretty good print of thisDisney extract from ‘Swiss Family Robinson’, John Mills stars

16386 Dumbo – The FlyingElephant B+/B£14 Fun extract from Disney’s F/Lanimated classic ‘Dumbo’

16388 MarathonMan B+/B £15Pretty good print of this extract fromthe thriller starring Dustin Hoffman & Laurence Olivier

16400 The Dwarfs’ Dilemma B+/B £12 P/N: soundedsub-titled print This has good colour on this Disney animatedextract, but does have a few sub-titles

16407 Robin Hood rescuesMaid Marion B+/B£15 Pretty good colour on this animatedextract from the Disney F/L feature ‘Robin Hood’

16420 The Whale that becamea Star B+£13 OB P/N: slight fade Rare colour print ofthis title about a performing Whale at Florida SeaWorld

16505 Sexipops B+/B £15 P/N: has somefade You are invited to the world’s first SexOlympics, as couples are judged and scored on form & technique, as you do,Adults only!

16541 Shots of Vengeance B+/B £20 OB Raquel Welch stars in this Walton extractfrom the revenge western ‘Hannie Caulder’

16545 Camera Thrills ofWildest Africa B+ £22 OB Extremely rarecolour U8 print, which still has very good colour, it looks at some of thewildlife of Africa

16590 Monster from under the Sea NEW£20 OB Fine ext. from the Disney action fantasy ’20,000 Leagues Underthe Sea’ starring Kirk Douglas & James Mason

16626The Three Caballeros B+ £14 P/N: No Titles It’s a shame there are no titles as this hasreally good colour, although it was always only a title card with these Disneyreleases, this animated extract features Donald Duck and friends

16715 The Life story of the Queen Mother B+ £20 OB Good colour on this British Movietone Newsdocumentary made in the 1970’s looking at the Queen Mother’s life

16737 Day of the Monsters B/B+ £15 OB P/N: NoTitles Fine colour on this extract from“One Million Years B.C.” starring Raquel Welch & John Richardson

16745 The Aura of IndonesiaB+ £14 P/N: slight fade We visit Java, Baliand Sumatra on our travels in Indonesia

16859 Magilla Gorilla – Makin’ With the Magilla B+ £14 OB P/N: slightfade Hannah-Barbera cartoon, Magilla goesSurfing, and get’s his self in hot water

16950 Movietone News – 150thAnniversary of Steam B+ £20 Pretty good colour on thislook back at some of the great steam trains from the past, Coronation Scot etc.

16952 Escape From AstragardNEW £17 OB Brand new & sealed extract from Disney’slive action film “Island at the Top of theWorld”

16955 King Solomon’s Mines NEW £17 OB DeborahKerr & Stewart Grainger African adventure

17055 The Three Caballeros B+ £17 Nice print of this Disney extract that features Donald Duck and friendsvisiting Mexico,very colourful too!

17056 MASH NEW £15 OB Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland star inthis comedy set during the Korean War

17063 Escape from AstragardNEW £15 OB Disney extract from ‘Islandat the Top of the World’

16970 Sail Fever B+ £15 Walton documentary looking at the regatta week of sailing at Cowes on the Isle of Wight, then onto Falmouth to look at some Tall Ships

17083 150thAnniversary of Steam B+/B £17 OB BritishMovietone news footage covering this landmark Railway anniversary, many famoustrains seen

17088 Wings of History No.2– Bristol Fighter F2b B+ £20 OBP/N: slight fade Rare reel looking atthis WW1 Bi-Plane Fighter, it’s a two seater used for reconnaissance andoffensive action

17093 Los Angeles, Hollywood & Beverly Hills B+ £20 P/N: slight fade Rare Panorama International documentary looking at this famous Californian City, and its famous sights

17171 The Three Caballeros B+ £17 Good colour print of this Disney animated reelwhich features Donald Duck and friends in Mexico, very colourful!

17172 Born Free B+/B £14 OB Rare 200’ sound version of this true-lifeAfrican wildlife story about Elsa the Lion, it has reasonable colour too!

17174 Island of MysteryB+ £14 Pretty good colour on this Disney extractfrom live action “Swiss Family Robinson” classic starring John Mills

17206 Escape from AstragardNEW £17 OB Brand new & sealed extract from theDisney live action film “Island at the Top of the World”

17209 Futtock’s End B+ £25 Nice Walton print of this comedy starring Ronnie Barker, MichaelHordern & Roger Livesey

17240 Duel of the Wizards B+/B £14 Fineanimated extract from Disney’s ‘Sword in the Stone’, pretty good colour too!

Super 8mm 6-10 Min. (200’) – ColourSound (30% Discount Until 30/4/24)

17242 Donald Duck in the High Andes B+ £14 OB Donald Duck visits the sights in the Andesin South America, fine Disney animation

17245 Albatross Airlines B+ £12 OB P/N: slightfade Fine extract from Disney’s animatedfeature “The Rescuers”

17287 Shots of Vengeance B+/B £20 OB Fine Walton colour print of this extractfrom “Hannie Caulder” starring Raquel Welch, Ernest Borgnine & Jack Elam

17299 Patton NEW £15 OB George C. Scott stars as General Patton intrue life WW2 story, new and sealed print

17311 The Grand Canyon B+ £20 Pretty good colour on this Panorama International travelogue looking atthis natural wonder in America

17312 Parachute Flying NEW £20 OB New and sealed print from Mountain Filmslooking at this sport/pastime where a speedboat pulls a person with a parachute

17397 Country in the Town B+/B £20 OB P/N: slightfade Here’s a rare Barry Wiles Films release that looksat the London Royal Parks

17398 Match of the Century B+/B £14 OB Pretty good colour on this Disney extractfrom the live action/animated “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”

17436 co*ck-a-Doodle Dog B+ £35 OB Derann print of this classic 1951 Tex Averymadcap cartoon, Spike the dog just wants to sleep, but a whacky co*ckerel keepswaking him up!

17441 The Grand Canyon Experience B+/B £20 Prettygood colour on this Panorama International travel documentary looking at thisvast natural canyon in America

17462 Herbie goes to Monte Carlo B+ £15 OB Nice Disney extract with pretty good colour

17573 Sail Fever B+/B £15 OB Nice colour on this Walton release lookingat Cowes week regatta on the Isle of Wight

17583 Steam Trains on Parade B+/B £20 OB Warmish colour on this Fletcher FilmsRailway documentary from 1975, various steam trains are featured

17584 Flying Scotsman Western Endeavour B+ £25 OB Derann re-print which shows the famousFlying Scotsman when it took a trip to Australia

17626 Pacing to Terra Alta B+/B £20 P/N: hassome fade Sunday Riverfilms Railway movie, set in West Virginia in America, rare here in the U.K.

17627 The Marlow Donkey B+ £20 P/N: slightfade Filmed in 1973 on the 100thAnniversary of this single track line which runs from Maidenhead in Berkshire, then onto Bourne End and Marlow inBuckinghamshire, pretty rare now!

17661 Little Roquefort – Pastry Panic B+ £14 OB Pretty good print of this 1951 Terrytoon, LRis in the kitchen making a cake, but drops an egg on the Cat, which causeschaos

17780 The Grand CanyonAdventure B+ £20 P/N: slight fade Stunningscenery looking at this American natural wonder, fine Panorama Internationaltravel documentary

17806 Wings of History – The 1931 Avro Tutor B+/B £20 P/N: slightfade Well filmed look at this classic Aircraft fromthe early years of

17807 Wings of History – Bristol Fighter F2b B+ £20 P/N: slightfade Well filmed look at this classic Aircraft fromthe early years of flying

17835 The Gangs All Here B+ £20 P/N: hasa reddish hue This is the number “TheLady in the Tutti Fruity Hat” starring Carmen Miranda and directed by BusbyBerkeley, rare!17843 The Milky Waif B+/B £15 OB ClassicTom & Jerry cartoon from 1946, Jerry finds himself in charge of a veryyoung Mouse who just wants to drink Tom’s milk

17923 The Detective B+ £17 OB Good colour print of this Frank SinatraPolice thriller from 1968

17924 Thunderbird Musical Trailer Reel B/B+ £25 Pretty good colourreel of trailers too: “Words & Music” – “Oklahoma” – “South Pacific” & “The King& I”

17933 Pathe Pic- Canada B+ £13 P/N: Has fade and no end credits Take a look at some of the best places in Canada

17935 Pathe Pic – California B+ £20 P/N: No titles Excellent colour (Derann, I think!) on this Pathe Pic that looks aroundthe sights of California, Hollywood, Beverly Hills etc.

17957 French Connection 2 B+ £15 Pretty good colour on this exciting 1975 sequel as officer ”Popeye”Doyle travels to Marseilles to find the drug smuggler who got away

18015 King of Jazz Trl. B+ £20 (75’) Trailer to early colour film (1930) starringPaul Whiteman and his orchestra, considering the age, the colour is very good,wow this is rare!

18037A Broken Leghorn B+ £11 OB P/N: no titles Good colour on this 1959 W.B.’s Foghorn Leghorn cartoon

18040 Posse Cat B+ £25 Fine colour on this late re-print of this fine Tom & Jerry cartoonset out West, Tom has been told to stop Jerry rustling grub, or else!

18044Pathe Pic. – Steam Boat downthe Nile B+£15 P/N: slight fade Take acolourful trip down the Nile in Egypt,filmed in the1960’s

18075 Banty Raids B+/B £17 OB Good colour on this 1963 Warner Bros.’Foghorn Leghorn’ cartoon, ‘Foghorn’ adopts a hipster Rooster, who’s after the‘Chicks!’

18099 Cat Fishin’ B+ £17 Good print of this 1947 Tom & Jerry cartoon, Tom wants to gofishing, Jerry is live bait, but this live bait is very cunning, Tom’s in forit!

18101 The Milky Waif B+ £17 OB Good colour Walton print of this 1946 Tom& Jerry cartoon, Jerry is in charge of a baby mouse who only wants Tom’smilk!

Super 8mm 6-10 Min. (200’) – ColourSound (30% Discount Until 30/4/24)

18115 Henry 9 ‘til 5 B £15 P/N: No Titles& slight fade Bob Godfrey 1970 adultanimation, a bored office worker gets through his day fantasising about sex, somuch so that when he gets home and the wife wants attention (!) he’s too tired

18117 A Day at Disneyland B+/B £12 OB P/N: NoTitles Pretty good colour on this triparound Disneyland, I’m guessing the early1970’s

18120 One Million YearsB.C. B+ £25 Excellent colour on this Walton extract starringRaquel Welch, with stop motion effects from Ray Harryhausen

18152 The Mouse comes toDinner B+/B£16 OB Good colour on this classic1945 Tom & Jerry cartoon, Tom invites Toots to dinner, but tries to makeJerry help!

18154 Coming Home B+/B £25 OB Nice Derann print which looks at the cominghome from abroad of the Flying Scotsman, the famous steam loco

18165 Snow White and theSeven Dwarfs Trl.s B+ £30 (100’) The first trailersees Walt Disney showing models of the main characters and tells the story,then we have the theatrical trailer, which shows many classic moments from theDisney animation

18161 101 Dalmatians EscapeB+ £25 OB Derannre-print of this extract from the Disney animated classic ‘101 Dalmatians’,nice colour too!

18171 BBC Archives forChildren –Runaway Railway Trl. B+ £35 (100’) BBCpromo looking at some of the memorable moments and characters over the yearsfrom children’s shows, then we have a B/W trailer for the Children’s FilmFoundation feature from 1966, itfeatured the likes of Ronnie Barker & JonPertwee, ex print

18175 The Aristocats MeetScat Cat B+£20 OB Nice colour on this fineanimated Disney extract, this is a nice sequence from the film, with a finemusic track too!

18206 The Fastest Animal onEarth B+ £20OB Nice Walton printof this neatnature documentary that looks at the life of the Cheetah

18226 The Mouse Comes toDinner B+/B£15 Pretty good colour on this 1945 Tom& Jerry toon, Tom invites his girlfriend for dinner, using Jerry as awaiter is a mishap

18232 The Treasures ofTutankhamen B+/B£20 Walton documentary looking at the1970’s display in Londonof this famous Egyptian ruler, prettygood colour too!

18238 The Truce Hurts B+ £20 Late re-print of this classic Tom & Jerry cartoon, Tom, Jerry &Spike call a truce form fighting each other, how long can it last!

18239 The Milky Waif B+/B £15 1945 Tom & Jerry cartoon, Jerry is in charge of baby mouse, wholikes Tom’s milk, good colour print

18240 Posse Cat B+ £16 Tom &Jerry cartoon set out West, Jerry is raiding the bunk housefood, while Tom is just lazing around, Tom is given an ultimatum! Good colour

18241Cruise Cat B+ £20 Fine colour print of this classic Tom & Jerry cartoon, Tom is theships cat who is tasked to keep Jerry of the ship, good luck Tom!

18242 His Mouse Friday B+/B £15 Pretty good colour on this classic Tom & Jerry cartoon, Tom iswashed up on an island full of cannibal Mice!

18243 Tennis Chumps B+ £20 Nice colour print of this classic Tom & Jerry cartoon, Tom wants toplay his rival at Tennis, Jerry is the fly in the ointment!

18264 Coney Island Trl. +The Gangs All Here Trl. B+ £16 (100’) P/N: Slight Fade Two1943 films, first a comedy with Betty Grable, then a musical starring AliceFaye and Carmen Miranda

18298 Tomorrow’s Money B+/B £25 OB Pretty good colour on this rare Movielandrelease, which hails from the 1970’s looking at the transition from money tothe Credit Card system, how things have changed since this was made!

18300 Popeye and thePirates B+£25 OB Film Office release (has aFrench title card) in English of this 1947 Popeye cartoon, nice colour printtoo!

18301 The Fathew Flyer B+ £25 Filmed in 1979 on the Talylln narrow gauge Railway in Wales, thislooks at one of the famous steam locos

18303 Ben Hur Trl. B+/B £25 (100’) Rare trailer tothe 1925 silent version, it has coloured titles interspersed with B/W shotsfrom the actual film, together with accompanying music, I’ve only ever seenthis once before

18306 SH-H-H-H-H-H B+ £35 OB Nice colour on this TexAvery cartoon from 1955, a mild mannered man suffering from too much noise goesto an exclusive silent retreat, the trouble is, it isn’t that silent, this was TexAvery’s last theatrical cartoon

18319 Polka Dot Puss B+ £35 OB Derann print of this 1949 Tom & Jerrycartoon, Tom tricks Mammy into letting him stay in the house with a pretendcold, Jerry tries to make Tom think he is really sick with the Measles, it’s agood print but colour is a little muted for Derann, perhaps sourced from 16mm,but very rare!

18333 Island of Mystery NEW £20 OB New& sealed print of this Disney extract from “Swiss Family Robinson”, a lotof this particular extract are holding up well in colour, but cannot guaranteeanything though

18314 Skeleton Frolic B+ £35 Rare UbIwerks cartoon from 1937, released by

18334 Monster from under the Sea NEW £20 OB New& sealed print of this Disney extract from “20.000 Leagues Under the Sea”,a lot of this particular extract are holding up well in colour, but cannotguarantee anything though

7114 Soggy To Me B+/B £7 ‘Motor Mouse & Autocat’ cartoon fromWalton Films

11712 The Dwarfs’ Dilemma B+/B £15 OB Superb colour on this ‘Snow White’ Disneyextract

12682 Match of the Century B+/B £13 OB Pretty good colour on this rare (on STD.8)Disney live action/animated extract from “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”)

12683 1974 F.A. Cup Final B+ £15 OB Movietone News coverage of this one sidedfinal as Liverpool beat Newcastle 3-0 to lift the famous trophy at Wembley

13092 The Super Nanny B+ £16 OB Nice extract from Disney’s “Mary Poppins”

13204 Island of Mystery B+ £17 Nice printof this extract from Disney’s “Swiss Family Robinson” starring John Mills

16078 Soggy to Me B+ £14 Waltonprint of this Hanna-Barbera TV cartoon starring

17011 Free Fall Falcons B+ £20 OB Fine colour on this Walton documentarylooking at free fall parachuting by the R.A.F. Flying Falcons display team

17530 Motor Mouse andAutocat – Mini Messenger B+ £14 OB Nice colour onthis Walton print of this Hanna – Barbera TV animated show

4115The Brutal Brothers B+/B £10 OBRaquel Welch stars in violent western ext.

4558 Match Of The Century A-£9 OB Extract from ‘Bedknobs &Broomsticks’

5500Laurel & Hardy Musical Moments (Mini Vers.) B+/B £8 This looks like test prints of sections from thereleased version, segments from “Swiss Miss” & “The Music Box”

5567 Kill Or Be Killed B+ £13 Walton doc. about a boy & his pet“Roadrunner” bird

5887 Shots Of Vengeance B+/B £10 Raquel Welch in western extract

6685 The Dentist B+ (8mm print) B (print used for 8mm master) OB £7 ‘W.C. Fields’ short

10219South Africa’sAnimal Kingdom B+/B £12 OB Walton wildlife film,Elephants, Lions, Hippos etc.

10824 The Pirate’s Haven B+ £9 OB Doug McClure & Jill St. Johnswashbuckler

10927 Hellfighters B+ £10 John Wayne stars as Oil Fire specialist whotravels the world putting out fires

11521Motor Mouse and Autocat – ‘Soggy to Me’ A £12 OB1960’s Hanna-Barbera TV cartoon

11600Top Hat B+ £10 (110’) PN: No Titles This is the full Top Hat routine starring FredAstaire

12718Top Hat B+/B £13 (110’) Thisis the full ‘Top Hat’ number starring Fred Astaire

13051 Robin Hood & Little John B+/B£8 Fun extract from the Disney F/L animation

14963 Muzzle Trouble B+ £13 OB Fine extract from Disney’s ‘Lady & theTramp’

15194Duel of the Wizards B/B+ £11 OBDisney ext. from “The Sword in the Stone”

15213The Desert Fox B+ £16 James Mason stars as “Rommel” in WW2drama

15385 Shots of Vengeance NEW £16 OB New& sealed extract from the Raquel Welch revenge western “Hannie Caulder”

15561 The Brutal Brothers B+ £15 OB Walton extract from the revenge Western‘Hannie Caulder’ starring Raquel Welch

15583 The Dentist B/B+ £15 OB Rare Collectors Club abridged version of theW.C. Fields comedy, I’ve not seen this cut before

15597 South Africa’s Animal Kingdom B+ £15 OB Zebra’s, Hippos, Lions, Giraffes, Elephants,Crocodiles, White Rhino etc. all shown

15739 Terror of the Jungle B+ £12 OB Filmed in Sumatra we see the lives of theanimals of the Jungle

15847 Do You Like Snow B+ £14 U8documentary looking at pursuits that are arranged around Snow

15851 British Movietone News Review of1934 B+ £20 P/N: on colour stock, has a sepia look The top news headlines from around the world in 1934

15952 Dumb Patrol B+ £12 OB W.B.’s cartoon from 1964, Bugs Bunny is apilot in WW1 battling Baron (Yosemite) Sam Von Shamm in the skies over France

15964 Top Hat B+ £20 OB This is a Film Office release of this FredAstaire & Ginger Rogers 1930’s musical classic

15999 British Movietone News Review of1934 B+ £20 OB End of year round up ofthe big stories of 1934, nice original Powell Films print

16053Match of the Century B+ £12 Disney animated extract from‘Bedknobs & Broomsticks’, unusual B/W print, but there’s no worries aboutcolour fade here!

16104Master of the World NEW £25 OB Brandnew & sealed Ken Films print of this 1961 adventure film starring VincentPrice & Charles Bronson, rare now!

16130George Formby Souvenir B+/B £20 George sings some of his famoussongs in this nice Derann release

16202Moonlight Serenade B+ £20 P/N: Sepia print Glenn Millerand his Orchestra play their music in an extract from “Sun Valley Serenade”

16226Insurance B+/B £10 P/N: Sepia print + No titles EddieCantor comedy short from 1930, Eddie visits an ‘Insurance Doctor’ which turnsinto a fine comedy routine

16398The Challenge of the Alps B+/B £15 OB Castle Films documentaryof a Balloon trip over ‘The Alps’ with all it’s difficulties involved

16477The Lady has Plans – Rings on her Fingers Trl.s B+/B£17 (100’) 2 trailers to two 1942 movies, the first stars Ray Miland &Paulette Goddard the second stars Henry Fonda & Gene Tierney, both veryrare now!

16498Hollywood on Parade – Jeanette MacDonald –Maurice Chevalier B/B+ £15 (100’) P/N: on colour stock,sepia look Two complete songs from the ‘Hollywood on Parade’series from the early 1930’s, unusual!

16580Days of Thrills and Laughter – The Dashing American B+£20 This fun extract features the dashing(as the title suggests!) Douglas Fairbanks and his silent films are looked at

16731 Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Fats Waller B+ £20 Fats sings4 songs including “Honeysuckle Rose” and of course “Ain’t Misbehavin’”, rarenow!

16894 The Brutal Brothers B+ £14 Fineextract from the western “Hannie Caulder” starring Raquel Welch, ErnestBorgnine, Jack Elam & Strother Martin, a bit violent, but good!

16904 Chichester Conquers the Sea B+/B£20 OB Rare Walton super 8 print charting the journey of round theworld sailor Sir Francis Chichester and his boat Gipsy Moth V

16954Free Fall Falcons B+ £20 OB Walton print of this BBCfilm about a sky diving team, rare!

16961British Movietone News Review of 1936 B+ £20 OBP/N: slight sepia look Highlights from the big news events of 1936,Derann print

16964Parachute Flying NEW £17 OB MountainFilms doc. Looking at this high flying activity

17045 Henry Aldrich gets Glamour – The Heat’s On Trl.s B+/B £25 (100’) Firstup is a comedy from 1943, about a man who becomes really popular when he wins adate with a movie star, the it’s onto the Mae West comedy from 1943, with someof the usual Mae West lines, 2 nice 1940’s trailers on one reel

17090 British Movietone News review of 1937 B+ £22 OB Derann print of this news roundup of the bigstories from 1937

17125 The Three Caballeros B+ £15 OB Really nice B/W Disney print, as Donald Duckand friends take a trip down Mexicoway

17126 I Surrender Dear B+/B £20 Takenfrom a 1931 musical short starring Bing Crosby, this is fine nostalgia of an gelong gone, with a couple of songs thrown in too!

17131 Hawaiian HolidayB+ £20 OB German REVUE film release,it has German titles but the soundtrack is in English of this1937 Disneycartoon starring Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto

17132 Pinch Me Please B £12 Abbott& Costello try intentionally to get arrested, but can they,it’s harder than you think, especially A&C, nice Walton extract

17207 Power Boats Are – Go! B+ £17 OB Rare Walton documentary looking at theexciting (and dangerous!) sport of Power Boat racing, boy do they move!

17208 British Movietone News Review of 1947 B+ £20 P/N: oncolour stock, has sepia look All the big stories fromaround the world in 1947

m Railway of the Seine Valley, filmed in 1972

17220 Ant Pasted B+ £14 1953 Warner Bros. Elmer Fudd cartoon, Elmer goes on a 4thJuly picnic and throws a fire cracker into an Ants nest, whodeclare war on him!

17226 The Chuckle Heads –Poodle’s Motor Bike Ride B+ £13 (100’) OB Silentcomedy with added music and effects, ‘Poodle’ finds his way onto a runaway bike

17268 Look at Life – Drawthe Fires B£15 This shows the gradual change over on Britain’sRailways from Steam power to new Diesel engines

17280 Flicker Flashbacks B+ £20 Rare Super 8 print (most were issued in STD.8)m of this short thatlooks back on life in the early days of the 20th Century, we see NewYork in 1908, Paris Fashions from the time etc., it’s a very interesting watch

17284 Techno-Cracked B+ £25 Flip the Frog cartoon from 1933, in this one he’s a lazy inventor, whoinvents things to make his life easier! Ub Iwerks cartoon, rare!

17285 Stratos-Fear B+ £25 Willie Whopper cartoon from 1933, Willie dreams he’s being lifted intoouter space by a host of balloons, Ub Iwerks cartoon, rare!

17300 Swing Time B+ £20 Nice extract from the 1936 Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers RKO musical

17302 Movietone Melodies –Red Ingle and His Gang B+ £25 Blackhawk print of this 1950Movietone (U.S.)musical short, very rare 8mm print, unusual!

17306 The Whale that becamea Star B+£15 OB Filmed in (I’m guessing)the late 1960’s this looks at a trained Whale and the stunts he performed

17308 British MovietoneNews Review of 1944 B+/B £22 Round-up of all the bignews stories from this pivotal WW2 year

17309 Motor Mouse andAutocat – Mini Messenger B+ £15 OB Hanna – Barbera TVcartoon from 1971, peace between Cat and Mouse is a fragile thing!

17355British Movietone News Review of 1938 B+ £22 P/N: sepiaprint Round up of all the big news stories from around the world in 1938

17411Laurel & Hardy’s Musical Moments B+ £20 OB Waltonrelease with musical extracts from L&H films, inc. “Trail of the LonesomePine” from “Way Out West”

17464 British Movietone NewsReview of 1938 B+/B £20 OBThe big news stories from home andabroad in 1938

17465 Gaumont British News Review of 1936 B+/B£20 OB End of year news round-up looking at the big news stories fromhome and abroad

17537 The Hoose-Gow B+ £17 OB Walton print of this 1929 Laurel & Hardycomedy, the boys get caught up in a

17576 Psycho – The Shower scene B+ £17 (100’) Thisis the complete shower scene from Hitchco*ck’s famous film “Psycho”, withAnthony Perkins & Janet Leigh

talents on the ice, Derann release, unusual!

17635 The Road is open Again B+ £25 RareW.B.’s short from 1933, a songwriter (Dick Powell) falls asleep and dreams thatWashington, Lincoln & Teddy Roosevelt appear to him and ask why he’swriting his song (the title of the film), the country is deep in depression,and they reassure him that current President FDR is on the right ‘Road’ out ofthe troubles

17656 Bing Crosby Entertains B+ £20 OB This is actually a rare extractfrom High Society, and also features Louis Armstrong and his band, originally aU.S.import

17659 Bob Crosby and his Orchestra B+ £20 OB Very full spool (230’),this is Bing’syounger brother and his ‘Bob-Cats’ as Bob Crosby’s orchestra was called, thisreel has some early Jazz, numbers inc. ‘The Pagan Love Song’ and ‘Romance inthe Dark’ + more

17807 Ziegfield – Glorifying the American Girl B/B+ £25 Thiscomes from a 1929 movie that highlights Ziegfield and how a musical is put on,this reel starts on its first night with many stars attending the premier, boythis is a rare American Import

17880 The Mail Goes Through B+/B £25 OB Rare Walton release of this 1947 animatedfilm, two reckless villains try and rob a mail train, but are foiled in the act

17884 The Power of Innocence B+ £25 Ultra rareadded sound edition of this 1912 Drama short, Lucy Davis lives in small-townIndiana, she decides to move to New York, on the train their she’s approachedby a dubious Travelling salesman, with ‘Contacts’ in N.Y., what will happen toher!

17885 Platypus B+/B£20 Rare Walton print of this animatedadventure featuring Platypus and his friends

17954The Sky’s the Limit B+£20 OB Film Office release of this 1943 Fred Astaire & JoanLeslie comedy musical, rare Astaire extract

18027Charlie the Champ B+ £20 Walton release of this Chaplincomedy, here with added music etc.

18039Pathe News Review of 1963 B+ £25 Rareprint of this Pathe Newsreview, it features the Queen’s visit to Fiji & Australia, Gordon Cooper blasts offinto space etc.

18041The Kids Last Stand B+ £20 OB‘Baby Burlesk’ short from 1932 featuring Shirley Temple and otheryoungsters in a tale of a boxing match

18042Insurance B+ £20 OB Fun Eddie Cantor short from1930, still funny after all these years, Eddie goes to an Insurance Doctorwhich leads into a comedic routine

18043A Weak-End Driver B+/B £20 OB Rare Castle Filmsrelease with an added track of this 1922 Larry Semon comedy, about a recklessdriver

18080The Champion B+ £20 OB Walton sound print of CharlieChaplin comedy, he becomes a winning Boxer with the help of a loaded Glove ,the Champion is next!

18098War Work News No.1 B+/B £25 OB Derann print of thisnewsreel made during WW2 which was made to be shown in factories and otherplaces of work, rare!

18119The Mummy’s Tomb B+/B £25 Castle Films/U8 release of this1942 Universal horror classic starring Lon Chaney Jr. as the ‘Mummy’

18120Newsreel Triumphs B+ £25 (120’) This reel includes storiesabout the Royal tour of Canada, George VI funeral, Egyptian Crisis, even rarerNewcastle win the F.A. Cup etc.,I can’t say I’ve ever seen this particular reelbefore

8128Customers Wanted B+ £25 OB Fleischer animated cartoonfrom 1939, Popeye and Bluto vie for Wimpy’s business in their Penny Arcades

18139First and Foremost B+ £25 This is a rare sports review from1935, we see a Bi-Plane air display, Pigeon racing, the 1935 Derby horse race,even a motor race on the Isle of Man, plus much more, really unusual mix ofevents

18140George Formby Souvenir B+/B £15 P/N: a little light in places,thus price Derann release that showcases George Formby, he sings a few ofhis songs

18162Derann Trailer Reel No.3 B+/B £25 OB Trailers to U.S. serials– ‘Adventures of Captain Marvel’ – ‘Federal Agents Vs The Underworld’ – ‘Kingof the Texas Rangers’

18166 Easy Street
B+£20Raresoundedition (effects & music)of this Charlie Chaplinclassic comedy, the little Tramp joins the Police and is given Easy Street ashis beat

18178G.B. Newsreel Triumphs B+/B £25 (150’) Rare edition that featuresstories from the 1950’s –‘The Carlsen story (sinking ship)’ – ‘The Queen on herCanadian Tour’ – ‘Egyptian Crisis’ – ‘Funeral of King George VI’ – ‘F.A. CupFinal (Newcastle Vs Arsenal)’ – ‘The Grand National’ – ‘The Derby’ – ‘Troopingthe Colour’- ‘Various language editions for around the world’

18189Popeye – Puttin on the Act B+/B£25 Rare DCR print of this 1940 Fleischer Popeye cartoon, Olive rushes overto Popeye with a Newspaper headline that Vaudeville is coming back, and theydecide to bring back their old act

18211Pathe Gazette - Highlights of 1943 B+/B £25 Rare WW2edition covering some of the biggest stories of the year

18237Pathe News Review of 1964 B+ £25 Rare Pathe newsreel showing all thebig stories from 1964, not often seen!

18245Pathe News Review of 1958 B+ £25 Rare Pathe newsreel showing all thebig stories from 1958, not often seen!

18247Coronation Scot B+/B £25 Short documentary made in 1937looking at the famous steam Locomotive “The Coronation Scot”

18248British Movietone News – Number One B+ £15 OB P/N: oncolour stock has sepia look, a little light in places due to master used Madein 1929 this features 2 stories, first up is Trooping the Colour and the Derby,which had a 33/1 winner

18249British Movietone News Review of 1973 B+ £25 OB PowellFilms release of this round up of the big news stories from 1973

18250 News Parade of the year 1942 B+£20 OB Rare (here in the U.K.) Castle Films release lookingat the big news stories of the year 1942, with WW2 dominating

18251 News Parade of the year 1948 B+£20 OB Rare (here in the U.K.) Castle Films release lookingat the big news stories of the year

18262Doctor’s Orders B+/B £17 Rare Mountainextract from the Laurel & Hardy comedy “Saps at Sea”, Stan is trying not tomake much noise, but Stan is Stan!

18263The Whale that became a Star NEW£17 OB New & Sealed U8 documentary on Florida sea parkwhere Dolphins & Whale’s starred in the 60’s & 70’s

18267Charlie the Champion B+ £17 Walton release of this CharlieChaplin comedy, here with music and sound effects

18309Pathe News Review of 1947 B+/B £25 OB All the top storiescovered by the Pathe News cameras looked at once again

18310Pathe News Review of 1948 B+/B £25 OB All the top storiescovered by the Pathe News cameras looked at once again

18316I Ski, Love Ski, You Ski B+ £25 Rare 1936 Fleischer produced“Popeye” cartoon, Popeye takes Olive Mountain climbing, Bluto sets traps for them along the way which Popeyeovercomes

18331The Bride of Frankenstein – The Creation B+ £20 (100’) Universal8 “Classic Scenes Series” print with the full creation scene from this 1935Horror classic starring Boris Karloff, Colin Clive & Elsa Lanchester (the‘Bride’)

5694 The Dwarfs’ Dilemma B+/B £10 OB Extract from Disney’s “SnowWhite”

7293 South Africa’sAnimal Playground B+/B £9 OB Animalsin the Kruger National Park

7498 South African AnimalKingdom B+ £13 Walton documentarylooking at nature

10599 Geronimo! B+ £14 Castle Films Western extract from 1939 starring PrestonFoster

10610Look At Life – Birdmen B+ £20 OB Walton release that looksat the attempts man has made to fly

11423The Hoose-Gow B+/B £15 1929 Laurel & Hardy comedy,the boys are sent to Jail (again!)

11427The Grasshopper and the Ant B+/B £14 British animated cartoon from1954, pretty rare!

11923Terror Of The Deep B+/B £7 (100’) Extract from the sci-fi film“Destination Inner Space”, it’s got a Monster from the deeps (cue the man in arubber suit) attacking scientists (as you do!)

12755Boxing Bantams B+ £12 Mountain films cartoon release,quite rare now

12757Quarter To Nine B+ £16 Al Jolson sings and acts in this ‘GoInto Your Dance’ ext.

12757Star Performance – Sonja Henie B+ £16 Ice Skating star/actress performs for you!

12932Flicker Flashbacks No.2 B+ £20 OB Fine Heritage Films printwhich includes extracts from ‘Pathe News 1910’ – Griffith’s ‘Power ofInnocence’ – Tom Mix western

12933Flicker Flashbacks No.3 B+ £20 OB Fine Heritage Films printwhich contains extracts from ‘Swimsuit Fashions 1900’ – ‘Saved From Himself’slapstick – GriffithDrama

13056Monkey Business B+ £15 Rare Walton release, it’s a comedyshort with humanised Chimps telling a comedy story, must be late 1950’s early60’s, unusual!

13059His Marriage Wow B+ £16 Rare sounded version of 1925 HarryLangdon comedy

13185Crazy Flying B+ £17 OB Walton documentary on man’scrazy attempts at flying, with failures and successes all shown

13188The Pawnshop B+ £20 Full tothe brim 200’ release of this 1916 Chaplin comedy, as Charlie competes with hisfellow shop assistant

13207The Crusades B+ £17 OB Nice Castle Films print of thisextract from the 1935 Cecil B. DeMille epic starring Loretta Young & HenryWilcoxon

13512 If I Had a Million B+ £15 A dying Millionairegives million-dollar windfalls to people picked from a phone directory, W.C.Fields, Gary Cooper & Charles Laughton star

14751 The Silencers B+/B £20 OB Dean Martin in the 1st ‘MattHelm’ comedy spy movie

14760 Geronimo! B+£17 Extract from the 1939 westernadventure starring Preston Foster

15283 Melody on the Move B+ £17 NiceWalton extract from the Laurel & Hardy feature ‘Swiss Miss’, the boys haveto move a piano to a tree house, oh dear, poor piano!

15317Pal’sAdventure B+ £14 OB Made in 1948, this tellsof a clever Alsatian dog that helps to clear his owners name after beingwrongly accused of theft

15318 Perils in a Harem B+/B £12 ThisCastle Films release is an extract from the 1967 film ‘The Perils of Pauline’and stars Pamela Austin as “Pauline”

15319 Crazy Kitchen B+ £10 (100’) Snub Pollard starsin this crazy comedy sound short, with plenty of goofs and pranks, as you’dexpect from this kind of film

15350 Sing Bing Sing B+/B £13 This comes from a 1933 short starring BingCrosby, he sings songs ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’, ‘Lovable’ and 2 others

15611 Sloppy Jalopy B+/B £15 Fine ‘Mr. Magoo’ cartoonfrom 1952, Magoo promises Waldo a new car for his Birthday, Oh Dear!

15792 The Thing B+£10 (100’) Lively extract from the sci-fi creature film‘Destination Inner Space’

15904 BuffaloBill in Tomahawk TerritoryB+ £15 OB Clayton Moore stars as ‘Buffalo Bill’ in this1952 Western adventure, crooks posing as Sioux Indians are rounded up!

15929 Flicker Flashbacks No.3 B+£20 OB Fine Heritage Films print which contains extracts from‘Swimsuit Fashions 1900’ – ‘Saved From Himself’ slapstick – Griffith Drama

15930FlickerFlashbacks No.5B+ £20 OB Big Band sounds of Jerry Waldand his Orchestra, nice print too!

15953 Drunk in Charge B+£10 (100’) Extract from a silent comedy, here with effects, two drunks tryto move a piano across the highway, with fun results

16410 Days of Thrills and Laughter – DashingDouglas Fairbanks B+/B £20 Fine extract from RobertYoungson’s salute to all things silent and there stars, here Douglas Fairbanksis highlighted!

16708Chichester Conquers the Sea B+/B £20 OB Rare Walton printcharting the journey of round the world sailor Sir Francis Chichester and hisboat Gipsy Moth V

16782Movie Milestones No.2 B+ £20 OB Scenes from some silentclassics inc. ‘The Ten Commandments’ (1925) – ‘Behind the Front’ (1926) – ‘theWay of all Flesh’ (1928) and ‘Old Ironsides’ (1926)

16793The Finest Hours B+ £20 Documentary looking at the life ofWinston Churchill, where he was born, the war years etc.

16820Hog Wild B+ £17 OB Laurel & Hardy comedy from1930, Ollie has to put up a new Radio Aerial, unfortunately for him, Stan helpsout!

16861Kruger National Park B+/B £15 Walton Films nature releaselooking at South Africa’snational park for wildlife, filmed in the 1950’s (I think!))

16922Crazy Cops B+ £20 Laurel & Hardy extract from therecomedy short “Midnight Patrol”, they play two inept cops, who unwittingly helpout jewel thieves

16929Hog Wild B+/B £20 Ollie asks Stan for his help fitting anew radio aerial, bad mistake, fine Laurel & Hardy comedy short from Walton

16998Jerry Wald’s Big Band Sound B+ £17 Fine B/W print of this 1940’s swingorchestra, one for lovers of this eras music

17000Noveltoons – The Little Cut-Up B+/B £17 OB Waltonprint of this 1949 Noveltoons animated tale of a boy who cuts down a tree andrealises that he’s left the animals homeless, and gives them a new home

17006Crashes to Order B+/B £20 OB Rare Walton documentarylooking at the world of stuntmen and women, I’ve never seen this on Super 8,unusual!

17007Chimp Antics B+ £15 OB Made in the early 1960’s, thistype of film was very popular at the time, seeing Chimpanzees dressed up inchildrens clothes acting out little scenarios, now more a curiosity!

17009Scenes from the Early Cinema B £14 (100’) Clipsfrom early cinema productions like ‘Birth of a Nation’, ‘The Great TrainRobbery’ etc.

17013Noveltoons – Naughty but Mice B+/B £17 OB Waltonprint of this 1947 Noveltoons animated tale of a city slicker Mouse who visitshis country cousins, but as usual a Cat gets in the way

17015The life of Winston Churchill B+ £20 OB Waltondocumentary looking at the life of Winston Churchill, his early years, the waryears, the victory parade, then him lying in statebefore his funeral, rare!

17018World Cup Final 1966 B+ £20 OB Watch England beat West Germany4-2 at the world cup final on July 30th 1966, nice Walton release

17019America on the Moon B+ £20 Castle Films release looking at howAmerica reached the Moon, footage inc.s Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrinetc.

17049The Dashing American – Douglas Fairbanks B+/B £17 Takenfrom Robert Youngson’s ‘Days of Thrills and Laughter’ this showcases thetalents of Douglas Fairbanks (Sr.)

17051Mother Riley runs Riot B+ £20 OB Rare Walton extract fromthe 1952 ‘Mother Riley meets the Vampire’ which starred Arthur Lucan andco-starred Bela Lugosi, British slapstick at its best!

17098Hog Wild B+ £16 Laurel & Hardy comedy, Ollie istrying to put up a new radio aerial, but Stan wants to help, oh dear, Ollie’sin for a rough ride!

17127Elsa – Lioness of two Worlds B+ £20 Rare Waltonnature documentary looking at the original Elsa the Lioness, that the film“Born Free” is based on, here we see Joy Adamson with Elsa

17310 I Killed Geronimo B+ £15 OB Western extract from 1950 starring JamesEllison & Chief Thundercloud (who plays Geronimo)

17317 Crazy Flying B+ £17 Walton release looking atmans’ attempts to fly, there’s crazy contraptions, and daring men along the way

17490 Wonders of Africa B £12 Columbia Filmsdocumentary looking at some of the finest sights of Africa

17491 The Crusades B+ £16 Castle Films extract fromthe Cecil B. DeMille’s 1935 production starring Loretta Young & HenryWilcoxon

17493 Hollywoodand Bust B+ £16 Castle Films Abbott & Costello comedy extract

17616 The Little Cut Up B+ £12Waltonprint of this Noveltoon animated story made in 1949,itmimics the American story of George Washington & the Cherry Tree

17945The Hazards of Helen – The Pay Train B+/B £25 OB BlackhawkFilms release from 1914 starring Helen Holmes, it’s a chapter from her longrunning serial which features shots of old time Steam Engines, music andeffects have been added, rare here in the U.K.

galong on her Broom, but crashes into a factory chimney and breaks her Broom,Woody is working in the wood factory, and agrees to make a new handle for 50cents, can she pay?

17953Hog Wild B+ £15 Walton release of this Laurel& Hardycomedy classic, here edited from the original 2 reeler

18011Wonders of Africa B+/B£15 OB Columbia nature documentary, late 60’s early 70’s

18029Mr. Magoo – Bwana Magoo B+/B £17 OB Magoo cartoon from 1959,Magoo and his nephew Waldo are on safari in Africa,with many ‘sight’ gags (pun intentional!)

18031Artie Shaw’s Class in Swing B+/B £17 Made in 1939 this features ArtieShaw and singer Helen Forrest, with a class in swing music, really unusual find!

18035Filming the…World Without Sun B+ £15 OB Behindthe scenes footage from the Jacques-Yves Cousteau groundbreaking underwaternature film

18072Trailer & Advert Reel B+/B £25 (100’) We have a trailer to “ManEater of Kumaon” starring Sabu, then 3 1950’s U.S. T.V. adverts, ‘ListerineMouthwash’ – ‘Ipana Toothpaste’ & ‘Vitalis Hair Tonic’, really unusual!

18118Crazy Cops B+ £20 OB Laurel & Hardy extract from“Midnight Patrol”, the boys help out burglars, then raid the wrong house andarrest the Chief of Police

18293Louis Armstrong & his Orchestra B+ £15 (100’) OB FilmOffice of France release (in English) of Louis Armstrong making his wonderfulmusic

18295Pathe News Review of 1954 B+ £17 Allthe top stories covered by Pathe News in 1954 looked at once again

18320Pathe News – End of Decade Review (The 1960’s) B+£25 I’ve only ever seen this on STD.8 which is a shame as it’s a very good reelof stories from the 1960’s, the emergence of the Beatles, the assignation ofJ.F.K. etc.

18321Carmen B+ £15 OB Film Office release (with someFrench narration) that looks at this famous opera and its music, extracts fromthe opera inc,

Super8mm 6-10 Min. (200’) – Colour Silent (50% Discount Until30/4/24)

9474 Bone Trouble B+£5 OB PN: Has Spanish Sub TitlesDisney cartoon from 1940 starring Pluto

11237South African Locos B+/B £17 Meteor Film Services release ofWilf Watters shot Railway film

15649 A Visit to ParisB+ £11 Walton Films travelogue looking at all the important sites of theFrench Capital

15746 The Guns of Naverone B+ £8 OB Only fair colour on this WW2 action adv.extract starring Gregory Peck

15970 Look again at Birds Feeding B+ £15 (111’ Approx.) P/N: Has some fade – Runs at 18 f.p.s.This is unusual as I have the originalpaperwork that went with this nature release, it tells you each bird that’sfeatured, where filmed, and even the cameraman who took that shot, this usesofficial R.S.P.B. films as its source, birds featured range from the iconicRobin, the Partridge, Avocet and many more

15986 The Mad Tea Party B+ £12 OB Really nice print of thisextract from Disney’s animated classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’, shame it’s not insound!

16070 Escape from Astragard NEW £13 OB Disneylive action extract from the feature ‘Islandat the Top of the World’

17533 The Flying Scotsman B+/B £17 OB Walton release looking at this historicLoco, with scenes at Kings Cross, and the commemorative run to Glasgow on May 1st1968

8569 Three 50ft Animal Films B+£6 “Zoo Friends” – “Law of the Jungle” & “Monkey Mischief”

11154The Crusades B+/B £15 Cecil B. De Mille’s 1935 epic starringLoretta Young & Henry Wilcoxon

11158Blotto B+ £11 Rare Walton titled edition of 1930 Laurel& Hardy comedy

11681The World Heavyweight Championship Part 1 1882-1906 – John Sullivan to TommyBurns B+/B £16 OB Columbia Films release on thehistory of the Boxing World Heavyweight Championship with vintage footage andstills

11682The World Heavyweight Championship Part 2 1908-1915 – Jack Johnson to JessWillard B+/B £16 OB Columbia Films release on thehistory of the Boxing World Heavyweight Championship with vintage footage andstills

11683The World Heavyweight Championship Part 3 1919-1928 – Jack Dempsey to GeneTunney B+/B £16 OB Columbia Films release on thehistory of the Boxing World Heavyweight Championship with vintage footage andstills

11684The World Heavyweight Championship Part 5 1950-1959 – Ezzard Charles to IngemarJohansson B+/B £16 OB Columbia Films release on thehistory of the Boxing World Heavyweight Championship with vintage footage andstills

11685The World Heavyweight Championship Part 6 1960-1973 – Floyd Patterson to GeorgeForeman

B+/B £16 OB Columbia Films release on thehistory of the Boxing World Heavyweight Championship with vintage footage andstills

11706It’s A Gift B+ £14 OB Hal Roach silent comedy shortstarring Snub Pollard

11882Dough And Dynamite B+ £14 OB 1914 Charlie Chaplincomedy, there’s a Bakers strike, a couple of waiters are forced into Bakingduties, but striking Bakers put a stick of Dynamite in the mix

11890Sennett All Stars – Joyriders B+ £14 OB The Keystone Cops et al, madcap comedy reel

11925Tit For Tat B+ £14 Titled Laurel & Hardy comedy from 1935, as theboys open a shop. Oh No!

12095Behind The Screen B+ £13 (125’) OB Extract from the1916 Chaplin comedy, he plays an overworked labourer at a film studio

12098I’m No Angel B+ £10 Mae West & Cary Grant star in this1933 comedy classic

12104Kapitan Kidd’s wilde Meute (Captain Kidd’s Kids) B+£14 OB PN: Has German titlecards Rare Walton release made for the German market, but it’s easy tofollow

12762Don Juan B+ £20 OB John Barrymore in scenes fromthe 1926 silent classic, nice Perry’s Movies print too!

12950Lion Around B+/B £8 OB Donald’s nephews don aMountain Lion’s costume to scare him so they can steal a pie, then a real onecomes along, what will Donald do!

14724 Johnny’s Wooing B+/B £20 RareJohnny Arthur comedy from the 1920’s

15040 Planet of the Apes B+ £12 Extractfrom Charlton Heston sci-fi classic

15092 The Cure B+£15 OB Walton Films last ever 8mm release, Charlie Chaplin comedy from 1917,alcoholic Charlie checks into a health spa, complications soon arise

15130 Armchair Tours – HawaiiB+ £12 OB Take a trip around the Hawaiian Islands

15190Distant Drums B+ £14 OB Nice Walton print of thisGary Cooper adventureas he fights hostile Indians in the Florida swamps

15217Felix Close Harmony B+ £20 OBAnother fin fun filled Felix the Cat cartoon

15356 Creature from the Lagoon B+ £10 Extract from ‘TheCreature from the Black Lagoon’, one of the better ‘men in a rubber suit’movies

15554Wonderful Africa B+ £14 Rare ColumbiaPictures documentary looking at some of the big sights of Africa

15581Animal Wonderland B £9 OB We see Bears, Polar Bearsand all kinds of animals in this interesting nature short

15582Three 50 Foot Animal Films B/B+ £10 OB Collectors Club release,the first film is entitled ‘Zoo Friends’ + 2 others of the ilk

15584Love, Loot & Crash B+ £15 OBThis silent comedy comes from 1915, itfeatures the Keystone Cops, some Crooks, and a frustrated Father, what elsecould you want from a Keystone comedy

15681 Looking for Trouble B+ £14 Rare SnubPollard short from 1914. He wants to impress the ladies with his Boxing, hestages a ‘rigged’ fight, but things go wrong, as usual!

15744 The French Connection B+ £8 OB Gene Hackman stars in this tough Po

15799The Cure B+ £20 An alcoholic (Charlie Chaplin) checksinto a spa for the ‘Cure’, but his antics soon turn the health spa upside down,brilliant silent comedy from 1917

15912 Charlie the Perfect Lady B+ £20 Very rareChaplin comedy from 1915, he wangles his way into a family’s outing to thePark, with the usual comedic results

15940 And Now Felix Looks into the FutureB+ £20 OB Rare Felix the Cat cartoonfrom the 1920’s

15985 Ninety Miles an Hour B+ £14 OB Silent slapstick comedy which features theKeystone Cops

16084 The Hunchback of Notre Dame B+ £12 CharlesLaughton and Maureen O’Hara star in extracts from the 1939 classic based onVictor Hugo’s book

16556The Upset of the Decade – Ali beaten by Norton B+/B£14 OB Thisshows the unexpected win for Ken Norton in his Boxing match against MuhammadAli in 1973

16577Days of Thrills and Laughter – The Dashing American B+/B£13 This is actually a striped print of thisextract featuring on Douglas Fairbanks and his silent films, it’s either beenaccidently wiped or just a mute print never recorded

16619The Cure B+ £15 OB This was the last release byWalton Films before they closed, it comes on a 400’ reel and case, it’s anedited version of the 1917 Charlie Chaplin comedy short, he plays a drunk whogoes to a health spa, for the ‘Cure’

16813Three 50’ War Films B+/B £14 OB ‘Battle of the Fleets –WW1’ (Jutland) – ‘War in the Air – Germany 1914-1918’ – ‘Japan attacks China’(WW2)

16817TheCure B+ £15 OB Walton Films last ever 8mmrelease, Chaplin comedy from 1917, alcoholic Charlie checks into a health spa,complications soon arise

16833Three 50’ Cartoons B+/B £14 OB‘Felix the Hunter’ – ‘Felix wants his Supper’ – ‘Felix the Mountaineer’(3 Felix the Cat cartoons)

16871Felix DeepSea Diver B+£15 OB 1920’s Felix the Catcartoon, reasonable print of a rough master, but still charming

from the Abbott and Costello comedy “Pardon MySarong”, the boys go on a crazy Bus journey!

17158 Crash Cavalcade B+ £14 OB Walton release of this reel of spectacularcar crashes ever compiled, cars slide, roll & turn over all over the place,unusual!

18028Air Thrills B+ £20 OB Niles Film release of aColumbia short that shows the early days of film stunt pilots and cameramen whowere filming shots of planes from heights of up to 2,500 feet, which isincredible when you see the planes and cameras of the day

18036In the Good Old Summertime B+ £25 OB Extremely rare BlackhawkFilms release of this 1924 Fleischer ‘Ko-Ko Song Car-Tune’, one for the vintagecartoon collectors

10602The American In Orbit B/B+ £12 Castle Films look at John Glenn’shistoric 1st American in space flight

10611Camera Kid B+/B £8 Silent comedy, sorry I don’t know muchabout it, take a chance!

10702Ninety Miles An Hour B+ £15 OB Keystone Cops silent comedy, wellmade mayhem

10710Hurry, Hurry B+ £13 W.C. Fields comedy short

10722The Channel Swimmers B+ £14 OB Madeline Hurlock &Andy Clyde 1927 comedy

10725Conrad The Sailor B+ £7 OB W.B.’s Daffy Duck cartoonmade in 1942

10726The Immigrant B+ £15 OB Charlie survives an awfuljourney to America,but trouble soon finds him

10747Stepping On The Gas B+ £12 OB Silent comedy from 1927

10748It’s A Gift B+ £14 OB Snub Pollard silentcomedy short

10749Shanghaied B+ £14 OB Charlie Chaplin comedy from1915, a little gem too

10751Oh What A Night (a.k.a. The Rounders) B+£14 OB Chaplin is a drunk with another drunkfriend

10757 Tillie’s Punctured Romance(Reel 1) B+£14 OB Charlie Chaplin comedy from1914

10758 Fatty’s Tintype (Reel1) B+ £7 Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle domestic comedy from1915

11429The Poodle B+ £17 OB Blackhawk films release on thehistory and breeding of the Poodle dog

11436Charlie Serves Dinner – Easy Street B+/B £10 (100’) 2 50’Chaplin short comedy extracts

11440Din at Dinner B+ £14 Laurel & Hardy are hired as aWaiter and Waitress (Stan of course)

11442Four Comedy Shorts B+ £12 The shorts are as follows, CharlieThe Waiter (Chaplin) , Wacky Weed (Andy Pandacartoon), Calling All Cuckoos (Woody Woodpecker cartoon), and a cartoon calledAngeliko The Angel (?)

11443Fiesta Time in SevilleB+ £14 Travel documentary looking around this ancient Spanish city

11445World Cup Final 1966 – Englandvs. W. Germany B+/B £20 OB Very rare Walton releasewhich covers England’sone and only win of the Football World Cup

11643Royal Tour of New Zealand 1953-54 B+ £15 Rare Waltonrelease of early ERII tour

12067Charlie’s Night Out B+ £14 OB Charlie Chaplin & BenTurpin cause chaos at a posh restaurant, and later Charlie makes the mistake offlirting with the head waiter’s wife

12470Ferry To Hong Kong B£6 Curd Jurgens, Orson Welles & Sylvia Sims adventure

13055 Cruise Cat B+ £6 Nice print considering the age of this fun Tom& Jerry toon

13198 Gertie The Dinosaur B+ £20 OB Made in 1914, we see cartoonist Winsor McCaybring to life in animated form “Gertie the Dinosaur”, very early animation

13199 October 1917 (Ten days that shook the World) Reel4 B+ £8 OB Odd reel from theEisenstein silent feature about the Russian revolution

14684 Australiato the Philippines B+/B £20 OB Blackhawk Films documentary looking at theexploits in WW2 of the U.S.32nd Army Division, actual WW2 footage

14971 Charlie Shanghaied B+ £14 OB Chaplin comedy from 1915, Charlie is forcedto join the crew of a ship destined to be scuttled for the insurance money

14972 The Pawnshop B+ £14 OB Charlie Chaplin comedy from 1916, Charliecompetes with his fellow shop assistant, is fired, re-hired, and nearlydestroys the shop, oh dear!

15041Charlie the Count B+ £14 OB Charlie Chaplin tries toimpersonate a Count at a party, but will his unusual manners let him down, Idoubt it!

15063Alice’s Egg Plant B+£20 OB Made in 1925 by Walt Disney, this is one of his “Alice” series of films,here Alice and Julius the Cat operate an egg factory, with lazy hens!

15065Roping a Sweetheart B+ £15 Tom Mix short (1916), mixes the oldWest with comedy

15080Splendour of the Pharaohs B+ £15 (100’) Take a lookaround Egypt& its sights

15134The Vagabond B+ £15 OB Charlie Chaplin comedy from1916, some great moments

15271 Hippy Party B+/B £17 Adult 1960’s titillationreel, as named ‘stars’ Maxine Hart, Anne Watts & Janice Cox lose theirclothes while apparently doped up…yeah man!

15351 Wife and Auto Trouble B+ £15 Comedyfrom 1916, a hen-pecked man not only has his Mother in-law, but his Brotherin-law living with him, and things explode

15353 A Dog’s Life B+ £15 OB Chaplin comedy from 1918, he and his littledog struggle on a daily basis in the inner city

15354 The Vagabond B+ £15 OB Chaplin comedy from 1916, Charlie falls fora girl

15373 Charlie on Board B+ £15 OB Taken from the 1915 Chaplin comedy“Shanghaied” he’s in trouble again with the ship’s owner and his daughter

15542Alice the Toreador B+/B £25 OBUltra rare print of this 1925 Disney short, Alice & Julius want tostage a Bullfight, but only have a broken down cow, how will they cope, U.S.Import

15544The Lost Whales B+ £20 OB Atrue life adventure story filmed at the Kyle Of Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland

15555Jitney Elopement B+ £15 OB Charlie Chaplin comedyfrom 1915, Charlie impersonates a Count so he can get a girl, oh dear!

15592Redskin Valley B+/B£10 (100’) Gregory Peck stars in this extract from the 1951 western ‘Onlythe Valiant’

15848 Whispering Lions B+ £14 OB James Parrott stars in 1925 Hal Roachcomedy, which is wacky and bizarre at times

15896 Stock Car 500 B+/B £8 Castle Films documentaryon this ‘smashing’ motor sport, where cars crash regularly

15921 The Desperate Scoundrel Pt.2 B+ £7 OB This is the second half of a 1915 Keystonecomedy starring Ford Sterling, he plays the Scoundrel, down on his luck, and tryinganything to get a Buck, Blackhawk Films print, shame it’s only the 2ndpart

15968Charlie Shanghaied B+ £15 Charlie Chaplin gets mixed up withan insurance scam when the boat he and his girlfriend are onboard is set to bescuttled for the insurance money, but his girlfriend is the Captain’s daughter,oh dear!

15992Nursemaids B+/B £15 This isan extract from the Laurel & Hardy feature ‘Pack Up your Troubles’

16019Safety Last B+ £10 (100’) Harold Lloyd extract from his 1923feature, he’s brilliant at the physical stunts which he did himself, nicesnapshot from the film

16021Mini Messenger B+ £8 OB Walton print of this Hanna– Barbera TV cartoon starring Motor Mouse and Autocat

16023His Marriage Wow B+ £15 OB Harry Langdon comedy from1925, it’s his marriage day, but things continually go wrong, he goes to thewrong church etc.

10686It’s a Gift B+ £14 OB Snub Pollard plays an inventorof a Petrol substitute who’s contacted by Oil industry big-wigs, plenty ofvisual gags from 1923

16689Allied Advance through Salerno B£15 Rare actual WW2 footage of alliedadvances through Salerno in Italy inSeptember 1943

16784Catching a Giant Lizard B+/B £16 OB Perry’s Movies naturerelease, as a group try and catch a fast moving Lizard,it’s hard, very hard to catch!

16806Three Comedy Shorts B+/B £12 ‘Mayhem in the Harem’ (Ben Turpin)– ‘Charlie the Waiter’ (Chaplin) – ‘Getting Even’ (L&H “Tit for Tat” Ext)

16810Railroading in the East, 1897-1906 B+ £25 OB BlackhawkFilms Railroad doc., here looking at many historic U.S.locos like the Philadelphia Express, JerseyCentral, Black Diamond Express, LehighValley plus lots more, rare in the U.K.

16926Gambling Gal B+/B £20 (100’) Bridget Leonard stars in this Harrison Marks titillating Kamera Klub film

16965 Hitler and the Dictators B+£15 OB Actual WW2 footage of Hitler meeting with Mussolini etc.

17005All Aboard B+ £20 OB Blackhawk print of this 1917Harold Lloyd comedy short, Harold stows away onboard a ship where hisgirlfriends Father is trying to get her away from male admirers, fun ensues!

17305 The Undead B+ £15 Scenes from the 1957 RogerCorman horror movie starring Pamela Duncan & Richard Garland

17323 Donner Pass on the Southern Pacific (1958) B+/B £25 OB Blackhawk Railway film showing the SierraNevada mountain pass in California, rare!

17487Chinese Wood Carvers B/B+ £13 Interesting short featuringancient wood skills

17951The Female of the Species B+/B £17 Rare 1914 Biograph short starringMary Pickford, Charles West & Claire McDowell, try to get to safety acrossthe desert

18153The Desperate Scoundrels B+ £15 OB This Keystone Cops comedyis taken from the 1915 short ‘Dirty Work in a Laundry’, a dastardly villainsteals Milk from a baby, and then tries to put the heroine through a mangle,can the K.C.’s arrive in time

16557 South Pacific Trl. B+/B £13 Only fair colour onthis trailer to this 1958 Hollywood musicalclassic starring Rossano & Mitzi Gaynor

16558 The King & I Trl. B+/B £13 Onlyfair colour on this Yul Brynner & Deborah Kerr classic musical from1956,some snatches of the wonderful songs included

16910 Annie Get your Gun Trl. B+/B £20 Derannprint of this trailer to the 1950 musical starring Betty Hutton and Howard Keel,nice trailer with snatches of the famous songs included

18012 Calamity Jane Trl. B+/B £18 Deranntrailer to Doris Day & Howard Keel classic comedy musical western

18137 Calamity Jane Trl. B+ £25 NiceDerann trailer to this famous comedy musical western starring Doris Day &Howard Keel

18304 The African Queen Trl. B+/B £20 Nice colour print ofthis fine trailer to the 1951 classic starring Humphrey Bogart & KatharineHepburn

18315 Mr. Bugs Goes to Town (a.k.a. Hoppity Goes toTown) Trl. B+ £17 Nice colour Derann print of this trailer to the 1941Fleischer animatedfeature

16733Speed Crazy B+ £15 Walton novelty reel which uses speeded upfilm for a journey through London then one of the quickest journeys ever byrail, unusual!

17095 Sepia Cinderella Trl. B £17 Raretrailer to this 1947 comedy musical, a struggling songwriter leaves hisgirlfriend for a flashy other woman, unusual!

17806Tyrone Power American Red Cross Appeal – U.S. Warbirds – American BrotherhoodAppeal (Edward G. Robinson) B+/B £20 The reel runs well, but the negused is a bit bitty, I’ve seen better versions, but it’s rare all the same

17808Ziegfield Succesor – Host to “Show Boat”B/B+ £20 A.C. Blumenthal who succeeded Ziegfieldafter his death as a promoter for many of his productions is feted by some ofhis stars, he’s given a gift of some dogs from Dennis King, Helen Morgan &Norma Terris

18002 Dressed to Kill – The House of Fear Trl.s B+/B £20 TwoBasil Rathbone ‘Sherlock Holmes’ trailers (1946 & 1945), pretty rare now

18013 Maytime Trl. B+ £20 Jeanette MacDonald, NelsonEddy and John Barrymoremusical trailer from 1937

18094 Broadway Melody of 1940| Trl. B+ £20 FredAstaire, Eleanor Powell & George Murphy star in this M.G.M. musical, nicetrailer too!

18095 Strike Up the Band Trl. B+ £20 JudyGarland & Mickey Rooney musicalfrom 1940, in this typical 40’s putting on ashow movie, nice trailer to it!

18096 Wake Up and Live Trl. B+/B £20 Ultrarare trailer to this 1937 Twentieth Century-Fox production it’s a Radio satiremovie based around a supposed feud between band leader Ben Bernie &journalist Walter Winchell, never seen this before!

18266 For Me and My Girl Trl. B+/B £12 Shorttrailer to this 1942 musical starring Judy Garland, George Murphy & GeneKelly

18073Scrooge B+ £15 Fine trailer to the classic Alastair Simversion of the famous Charles Dickens Christmas story

18322 The Flying Deuces Trl. B+ £15 Extremely rare trailerto this Laurel & Hardy comedy feature, I can’t say I’ve seen this on Super8, let alone STD.8

Super 8mm 2-5 Min. (Trailers Etc.) –Colour Silent (30% Discount Until 30/4/24)

15605 Carmel & Monterey B+/B £5 OB P/N: warm colour Rare travelogue featuring these two Californian towns, in presentation case

17952Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Trl.s B+£25 Excellent colour Derann print which has the original 1938 trailer + the1994 re-release trailer @ 75’ on a 200’ reel

18110 The Royal Wedding B+/B £10 OB Excellent colour on this Royal reel whichshows the marriage of Princess Margaret to Anthony Armstrong Jones, rare!

Super 8mm 2-5 Min. (Trailers Etc.) –B/W Silent (30% Discount Until 30/4/24)

18233 Tal-Y-Lynn Railway B £15 Short filmlooking at the narrow gauge Railway in Wales, looks like it was filmed in the 1960’s

18234 Rocket Films – Le Mistral B £15 RocketFilms short film looking at the famous French train that ran between Paris and Nice, filmed inthe 1960’s

BargainBasem*nt Films

All films in this category will be listed at one priceonly, there will be no discounts on any of them, but will be priced keenly, asusual p&p must be added, there will be a mix of sizes and gauges, Standard8 films will be listed as STD.8, all other films will be Super 8

BB 003 Mickey Mouse the first 50 years 400 Col Sound B+ £10 Slight Fade

BB 011 Eggnapper 200’ B/W Silent B+ £5 Walter Lantzcartoon

BB012 Lost Command 400’ Col Sound B £5 OB WW2 movie Has Fade

BB015 Techno Jungle Doc No.1 200’ B/W Italian Sound NEW £5 OB

BB016 Techno Jungle Doc No.2 200’ B/W Italian Sound NEW £5 OB

BB017 Techno Jungle Doc No.3 200’ B/W Italian Sound NEW £5 OB

BB018 Boys in Blue 200’ B/W Silent B+ £7 STD.8 Laurel& Hardy comedy short

BB028 The Music of BennyGoodman 200’ Col Sound B+ £9 SlightFade swing music

BB029 Easter Parade 200’ Col Sound B+ £9 Slight Fade JudyGarland &Fred Astaire

BB030 Doctor Hairbreadth Harry 100’ B/W Silent £6 OB silent comedy short

BB031 The Hunchback of Notre Dame200’ B/W Silent £6 Lon Chaney classic

BB032 Doggone People 200’ Col Silent NEW £6 OB Elmer Fudd W.B.’s cartoon

BB041 Rubber Lips Len sings Won’t YouCome Home Bill Bailey 50’ B/W SoundB/B+ £7 STD.8


BB043 I Wan’na Be Like You 200’ Col Sound B+/B £10 OB Has some fade Disney ext.

BB044 Buffalo Bill 200’ B/W Silent £5 OB Joel McCrea western adventure

BB045 Private Life of the Cuckoo 200’ Col Sound £10 OB has some fade Nature film

BB048 The Simple Things 200’ Col Silent B+ £8 OB M. Mouse cartoon from 1953


BB049 The Cure 200’ B/W Silent B+/B £10 OB Walton’s last everrelease, Chaplin comedy from 1917

BB051 Prison Pals 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 B+/B £9 Laurel& Hardy comedy short

BB054 The Tall Ships 200’ Colour Sound B+ OB Bicentennial sailingparade in the U.S.A.

BB056 Go West Young Man 200’ B/W Sound B+ £6 OB Groucho Marx comedy, butout of sync, thus price

BB058 Challenge of the Alps200’ Colour Silent NEW £9 OB Climbing,skiing etc.


BB063 Jubilee Day 200’ Col Silent B+ £8 OB Fine colour on this Royal celebration from1977

BB066 Dillinger 200’Col Sound B+£7 has fade Warren Oates stars as famousbank robber

BB068 The French Connection 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 slight fade Gene Hackman Police thriller

BB070 Movietone News – Power Boat Racing 200’ Col Sound B+/B £10 Slight fade 1970’s doc.

November-December 2021

BB071 Ipswich 1 Arsenal 0 200’Col Sound B+/B £10 OB 1978 F.A. Cup Final, hasfade though, but rare

BB073 Heckle & Jeckle – A Merry Chase 200’ Col Sound B+ £9 OB Slight fade on fun cartoon

BB078 Where There’s a Will 200’ B/W Silent £9 HaroldLloyd silent comedy short

BB080 Sword in the Stone 200’ Col Sound B+/B £10 Disney, good colour but has no title card, thus price

BB081 Seen in a Nudist Paradise 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 B/B £10 OB Walton 1960’s titillationfilm

BB082 Ugly Duckling 200’ Col Sound B+ £12 Slight fadeon 1939 Disney F/L cartoon classic

January-February 2022

BB084 The Golf Specialist 400’ B/W Sound B+/B £14 OB W.C. Fields comedy, alittle on the light side

BB085 Words and Music Trl. 50’ Col Sound B+ £9 Averagecolour, musical biopic trailer

BB086 Spellbound Hound 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 B+/B £9 Mr. Magoo cartoon from 1950

BB089 The Lost World 200’ B/W Silent B+ £10 Wallace Beery stars in this film with Dinosaurs etc.

BB091 It’s a Gift 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 B+/B £9 SnubPollard comedy from the silent era

BB092 Aerobatic Flying 200’ Col Silent B+/B £8 slight fade the ‘Red Arrows’ in flight

BB093 Call out the Keystone Cops 200’ B/W Silent B+ STD.8 £10 Manic silent comedy

BB094 Keystone Cops – Taxi Dolls 200’ B/W STD.8 B+ Silent £10 Another manic silent comedy

BB095 Keystone Cops – Love, Loot and Crash 200’ B/W Silent B+ STD.8 £10 1915 comedy short

BB098 The Bank 200’B/W Silent STD.8 B+ £10 OB Charlie Chaplin silent comedy classic

BB099 High Hopes 200’ B/W Silent B+ £10 OB Walton print of Harold Lloyd crazy comedy

BB103 New York the Dynamic City 200’ Col Silent STD.8 £7 B OB Castle Films doc., hassome fade

BB105 Sky Diving 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB slightfade Castle Films documentary on SkyDiving


BB106 Goofy Golfer 200’ B/W Silent B+ STD.8 £9 WoodyWoodpecker cartoon from Castle Films

BB107 Spook and Spam 200’ Col Silent B+ £10 OB Rare ‘Casper’the friendly ghost cartoon, nice colour too!

BB109 Stepping on the Gas 200’ B/W Sound B+ £10 1927 comedy with added music and effects

BB110 The Flying Scotsman 200’ Col Silent B+/B £12 Walton release looking at the famous steam loco

BB111 Noah’s Ark200’ B/W Silent STD.8 B+ £10 Featurettetelling the Biblical story, unusual!

BB113 The Monster Strikes 200’ B/W Silent B+/B £7 P/N: No Titles ‘The LostWorld’ extract, Dinosaurs etc.

BB114 Parachute Flying 200’ Col Sound B+/B £6 OB P/N: has fade Mountain Filmssport release

BB116 Cats Paw 200’Col Sound B+ £9 P/N: has fade 1959 ‘Sylvester’W.B.’s cartoon

BB118 Posse Cat 200’Col Sound B+/B £10 OB Good colour print, has a couple of splices,Tom & Jerry

May-June 22

BB120 British Movietone News – F.A. Cup Final 1977 (Man. Utd. VsLiverpool) 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB Has some fadeDerann print showing the 1977 final whereMan. Utd.Beat Liverpool 2-1

BB122 The Three Caballeros 200’ B/W Sound £10 LivelyDisney animation with Donald Duck & friends

BB123 An Evening with Lady& the Tramp 200’ B/W Sound £10 Disney animated classic extract

BB124 Misguided Missile 200’ B/W Sound B+ £11 OB 1958 Woody Woodpeckercartoon, U8 print

BB129 Mickey’s Trailer 200’ Col Sound B+ £12 OB slight fade F/L Disney cartoon from 1938

BB130 Flicker Flashbacks No.3 200’ B/W Sound STD.8 B+ £11 Fashion parade of 1920 + classic comedies

BB132 The World in Flames – Hitler’s Rise to Power 400’ B/W Silent £7 OBAlthough this is a sound print it haspoor muffled sound, so I’m selling as silent, it could be re-recorded I suppose

July-August 22

BB135 I’m Just Curious 200’ Col Silent STD.8 B+/B £6 Good colour on 1944 Little Lulu cartoon

BB136 Clown of the Jungle 200’ Col Silent STD.8 B+/B £6 Donald Duck cartoon

BB137 Mouse in the House 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 B+/B £5 1967 Walter Lantz cartoon

BB138 Three Little Bruins in the Wood 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 £6 Castle Films nature short (Bears)

BB139 Crazy Mixed up Pup 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 £7 Tex Avery cartoon from 1954

BB140 The Baron – So Dark theNight Pt.2 400’ Col Sound B+ £9 OB slight fade ITC series 1966

BB141 The Baron – So Dark theNight Pt.2 400’ Col Sound B+ £9 OB slight fade ITC series 1966

September-October 22

BB142 Donald Duck in the High Andes 200’Col Sound B £5 P/Ngreen scratch comes and goes

BB145 The Rescue 200’Col Sound B+ £10 OB slight fade Lovely Disneyanimated extract

BB146 Tarzan to the Rescue 200’ B/W Silent STD. 8 B+ £10 Elmo Lincoln early Tarzan appearance

BB147 In The Park – Chaplin 200’ B/W Silent STD. 8 £9 Fun with the little ‘Tramp’

BB148 Pluto’s Christmas Tree 200’ Col Silent STD. 8 £8 OB Disney Pluto short

BB150 Dough & Dynamite 200’ B/W Silent STD. 8 £9 Chaplin comedy short from 1914

BB151 Sunset over the Forest 200’ B/W Sound £7 Naturedocumentary, many animals seen

BB152 Sing Bing Sing 200’ B/W Sound STD. 8 B+ £12 OB 1933 Bing Crosby short, 5songs inc.

BB153 The Whale that became aStar 200’ Col Sound B/B+ £8 has somefade Rare colour print U8 short


BB155 Hof Pacifics 200’ Col Sound B £10 has some fade Filmedin Germany,steam engine film 1973

BB156 High Society – The Wedding (Pt.2) 400’ Col Sound B+ £8 OB has some fade Musical great

BB157 High Society – The Wedding (Pt.2) 400’ Col Sound B+ £8 OB has some fade Musical great

BB158 High Society – The Romance (Pt.1) 400’ Col Sound B £5 OB has some fade, and missing “True Love” number so @ 280-300’ Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly,Celeste Holm & Louis Armstrong musical great

BB159 Sing Bing Sing 200’ B/W Sound STD. 8 B+ £10 Bing Crosby musical short from the 1930’s

BB160 Bee Bother 200’ B/W Sound STD.8 B+/B £10 OB Ginger Nutt cartoon from Walton Films

BB161 Nutty Pine Cabin 200’ B/W Silent STD. 8 B+ £6 Walter Lantz ‘Andy Panda’ cartoon from 1942

BB162 Keystone Cops to the Rescue 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 B+/B £8 Fun with the madcap Cops

BB163 The Duck Doctor 200’ ColSound B £10 Has a neg scratch Tom &Jerry cartoon from 1952

BB165 The Fireman – CharlieChaplin 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 B+ £10 OB Walton1916Chaplin comedy

BB167 The Best of W.C. Fields 400’ B/W Silent B+ £8 U8 compilation of this unique comedians films

BB169 Lady and the Tramp 400’ Col Sound B+ £12 slight fade Both Disney animated extracts on 1 reel

BB170 The Detective 400’ Col Sound B+ £12 OB slight fade Frank Sinatradetective thriller

BB171 Rooster Cogburn 400’ Col Sound B+ £12 slight fade John Wayne & Katherine Hepburn western adv.

January-February 23

BB172 Crazy Motoring 200’ B/W Silent B+ £10 Fun Waltonreel looking at some whacky cars & stunts

BB173 The Man Who Loves Giants 2x400’ Col Sound B+/B £20 OB has a red hue Narrated byJames Stewart, artist David Shepherd and his love for steam engines andElephants, Walton release

BB174 The Killer Instinct 400’ Col Silent B+ £12 Prettygood colour on this Doc. Looking at snakes etc.

BB175 I Married a Woman, Pt.3 400’ B/W Sound B+/B £13 SCOPE Odd reel from Diana DorsU.S.comedy

BB176 I Wanna’ Be Like You 200’ B/W Sound B+ £10 Brilliant Disney extract from “The Jungle Book”

BB177 Whistle While You Work 200’ Col Sound B+ £11 slight fade Disney animated extract

BB178 Albatross Airlines 200’ Col Sound B+/B £11 OB slight fade Disney ext. from“The Rescuers”

BB180 America On Parade 200’ Col Sound B+ £12 OB slight fade Disneyland float parade from the 1970’s

BB181 Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother 200’ Col Sound B+/B £12 OB slight fade Disney animatedclassic

BB182 The Petty Girl 400’ Col Sound B+/B £12 OB slight fade Robert Cummings& Joan Caulfield comedy

March-April 23

BB184 Cruise Cat 200’ Col Sound B+/B £11 OB Tom & Jerry, good colour, but has theodd splice

BB186 Tee For Two 200’ Col Sound B+/B £11 OB P/N: slight fade F/L KenFilms Tom & Jerry cartoon

BB187 The River of Doubt 120’ B/W Silent STD. 8 B+/B £7 Animated Aesop Fable story

BB188 Art For Art’s Sake 120’ B/W Silent STD. 8 B+/B £7 Animated “Little King” cartoon from 1934

BB189 The Naked& the Dead 400’ B/W Sound B £9 OB WW2 film starring Aldo Ray& Raymond Massey

BB190 Stagecoach 400’ B/W Sound B £9 Not the Wayne classic, this ‘B’western has Geronimo attacking a passing stagecoach in revenge for the cavalrytricking him earlier

BB192 The 7thVoyage of Sinbad – No.3 -The Evil Magician 200’ B/W Sound B £12 OB Ray Harryhausen effects laden fantasy filmfrom Columbia

BB193 Strange Report – Shrapnel Pt.2 400’ Colour Sound B+ £5 P/N: has fade Odd reelAnthony Quale stars

BB194 On The Side Pt.1 400’ Col Sound B/B+ £12 1st reel of 1971 European (dubbed) sex comedy, good colour

BB195 The McMasters Pt.2 400’ Col Sound B/B+ £12 Good colour on pt.2 of Iver double album western

BB196 The Cinderella Story 2x400’ Col Sound B+ £25 OB slight fade on this Iver Filmsrelease of the making of the feature “The Slipper & the Rose” starringRichard Chamberlain & Gemma Craven, not too bad colour!

BB198 My Beautiful Fake 400’ Col Sound B+/B £12 OB slight fade on thisFletcher Films extract from the 1937 comedy “Nothing Sacred” starring CaroleLombard & Fredric March, pretty rare now!

BB199 The Jolson Story 400’ Col Sound B+ £12 OB slight fade on this AlJolson biopic starring Larry Parks

BB203 The Heat’s On 400’ B/W Sound B+ £10 OB Has a splice, thus price,Mae West comedy from 1943

BB204 Higher and Higher 400’ B/W Sound B+/B £13 1943 Musical comedy with Frank Sinatra

BB207 Giants of Steam Pt.1 400’ B/W Sound B+ £15Walton release looking at Britain’s Railways and the men whopioneered them. The print is a little dark in places, thus price

BB208 Donald Duck – Chip N’ Dale 200’ B/W Silent STD. 8 B+ £9 Disney cartoon classic

BB209 Charlie the Thief 200’ B/W Silent B+ £10 Charlie Chaplin classic silent comedy, good print

BB210 World War II – Target Tokyo 400’ Col Sound B+/B £10 OB Actual WW2 footage, buthas a poor soundtrack (sound drop outs), still watchable for the action shownon screen, also has a few splices at beginning

BB211 Never Say Die 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 B+ £10 OB Mountain release of Harold Lloyd comedy

BB212 Oh! Mr. Porter 200’ B/W Silent B+ £8 OB Nice Walton extract from Will Hay comedyclassic

BB213 Jungle Jazz 200’ B/W Sound B £9 OB Aesop’s fables cartoon from 1930

BB214 Sea Rivals 200’ B/W Sound B £9 OB Gregory Peck stars in an extract from 1952movie “The World in His Arms”, Castle Films release

BB215 Heckle & Jeckle – House Busters 200’ Col Sound B/B+ £8OB Has fade Cartoon comedy

June-July 23

BB217 Bully For Bugs 200’ Col Sound B+ £11 Slight Fade Warner Bros. classic cartoon

BB218 Tee For Two 200’ Col Sound B+/B £11 OB SlightFade F/L Ken Films Tom & Jerry cartoon classic

BB220 Muzzle Trouble 200’ Col Sound B+/B £11 OB slightfade Lady & the Tramp Disney extract

BB221 Man Eater of Kumaon 200’ B/W Silent B £4 OB Sabu stars in this Jungledrama/adventure

BB222 Anchors Aweigh Trl. 50’ Col Sound B £10 P/N: nice col but has a green scratch M.G.M. musical

September-October 23

BB224 The Truce Hurts 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 Pale colour Fun Tom &Jerry cartoon

BB226 Muzzle Trouble 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB slightfade ‘Lady & the Tramp’ extract

BB227 Bambi and his Friends 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB slight fade Disney animatedextract ‘Bambi’

BB228 Popeye – Me Big Fight 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB has some fade Robin Williamsis ‘Popeye’

BB229 The Dwarf’s Dilemma 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB slight fade Fine ‘SnowWhite’ Disney extract

BB230 Robin Hood and Little John 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB slight fade Disney animatedextract

November-December 23

BB231 Preserved Locomotives in North America 200’ Col Sound B+/B £8Has Fade Steam in the USA

BB233 South African Steam 200’ Col Sound B+/B £8 OB Has Fade PM Films Railway release

BB234 Casanova Cat 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB slightfade Classi Tom & Jerry cartoon

BB235 Pork Chop Phooey 200’ Col Sound B+ £12 slight fade Rare Loopy De Loop cartoon

BB236 Jerry & Jumbo 200’ Col Sound B+/B £8 Pale col, short titles, coupleof splices Tom & Jerry

BB237 Hawaiian Aye Aye 200’ B/W Sound STD. 8 B+/B £10 Tweety & Sylvester W.B.’s cartoon

BB238 Robin Hoodwinked 200’ B/W Sound STD. 8 B+/B £12 Rare 1958 Tom & Jerry cartoon

BB239 Prince and the Dragon 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 Slight fade Disney “Sleeping Beauty” extract

BB240 Buccaneer Bunny 200’ Col Sound B+/B £10 slight fade Fun Bugs Bunny W.B.’s cartoon

BB241 The Wasp Woman 100’ B/W Sound STD.8 B+/B £5 No Titles Horror extract from Mountain Films

BB243 Trip For Tat 200’ Col Sound B+ £10 slight fade Tweety & Sylvester W.B.’s cartoon from 1960

BB244 The Electric Horseman 2x400’ Col Sound B+ £20 OB Has some fade Robert Redford& Jane Fonda

January-February 24

BB245 Dance Little Lady 5x400’ Col Sound B £40 Hasfade & occ scratch F/L British drama from the 50’s

BB246 A Dog’s Life 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 B+ £10 OB Charlie Chaplin comedyfrom 1918

BB247 A Farewell to Arms 400’ Col Sound B+/B £10 OB has fadeRock Hudson & Jennifer Jones star

BB248 Carousel 400’Col Sound £12 OB slight fade Shirley Jones & Gordon MacRae musical classic

BB249 Where Jesus Walked 400’ Col Sound £10 OBHas fade Filmedin the Holy land

March – April 24

BB250 Camera Thrills in Wildest Africa 200’ B/W Sound B+ £9 OB U8 Wildlife documentary

BB251 Donald Duck in the High Andes 200’ Col Sound B+/B £9 slight fade Disney animated short

BB252 The Man Who LovesEngines 200’ Col Sound B+/B £9 somefade Walton release, steam trains etc.

BB253 Peter Pan meets Captain Hook 200’ ColSound B+ £9 some fade Disney animatedclassic extract

BB254 The Reluctant Rebel 200’ B/W Sound B+ £10 James Stewart American civil war story

BB255 Steam Engine 200’ B/W Sound STD.8 NEW £13 OBWalton new & sealed print whichlooks at the history and working of steam locos, rare to find a new printin ant gauge now!

BB256 The Eagle’s Nest 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 NEW £10 OB Waltonrelease of this ‘Look at Life’ short which looks around Adolf Hitler’s mountainhideout

BB257 Ask a Policeman 200’ B/W Silent STD.8 NEW £10 OB Waltonextract from Will Hay comedy

BB258 The Early Bird and theWorm 100’ B/W Sound STD.8 B+ £9 OB Harman-Isingtoon from 1936

BB259 White Christmas Trl. 50’ Col Sound B+ £12 Reddish print Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye musical trailer

BB260 Boxing: Ali vs. Chuvalo 400’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB slight fade March 29th1966, Toronto, Canada

BB261 Boxing: Ali vs. Patterson 400’ Col Sound B+ £12 OB November 22nd, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

BB262 Boxing: Ali vs. Dunn 400’ Col Sound B+ £8 OB some fade May 24th1976, Munich, Germany

BB263 Boxing: Ali vs. Shavers 400’ Col Sound B+ OB some fade September 29th, Madison Square Gardens, NY

BB264 Boxing: Liston vs. Ali 400’ B/W Sound B+/B £12 February 25th 1964, Miami Beach, Florida, U,S.A.

BB265 Boxing: Ali vs. Spinks 400’ Col Sound B+ £8 OB some fade September 15th1978, New Orleans, U.S.A.

BB266 Boxing: Skill, Brains and Guts! Pt.4 400’ B/W Sound B+ £10 OB no titles Muhammad Alidocumentary

BB267 Boxing: Skill, Brains and Guts! Pt.5 400’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB Hasred hue Rare colour part of Muhammad Ali documentary, which covers the years of1973 to 1974

BB268 Boxing: Ali vs. Bugner 400’ Col Sound B+ £12 OB Pretty good colour, July 1st1975, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BB269 Boxing: Ali vs. Wepner 400’ Col Sound B+ £10 OB slight fade March 24th1975, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.


NEW STOCKITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm F/LFeatures – Colour Optical Sound

18343 Hedda B+£90 (3x800’) Pretty good colour print ofthis 1975 film starring Glenda Jackson and Patrick Stewart, it’s based on theHenrik Ibsen’s story of a strong willed woman, who still finds herselfattracting male devotees, powerful performances from Jackson & Stewart addto the intensity of the story

NEW STOCKITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm F/LFeatures – B/W Sound

18338 The Gorilla B+/B £80 (4x400’) Comedy from1939 starring the Ritz Bros,, a wealthy man is threatened by a killer onlyknown as ‘The Gorilla’ , he hires the Bros. to investigate, but asthe boys arrive at the mansion a real Gorilla also turns up, leading to chaos,rare print!

NEW STOCKITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm F/LFeatures – B/W Silent

18342 Tillie’s Punctured Romance B+ £65 (5x200’) OB 1914 comedy starring CharlieChaplin, Marie Dressler & Mabel Normand, a con man (Chaplin) from the citydupes a country girl into marriage. Rare Perry’s Movies print in plastic cases,very unusual for Perry’s

NEW STOCKITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm EditedFeatures – Colour Sound

18339 Invaders from Mars B (B+ read description) £125 (4x400’) Classic sci-fi from 1953, a young boystumbles upon invaders from outer space who are out totake over the minds of Earthlings. This looks like a very late re-print, colouris very nice, but it has printed through yellow negative scratches (like thelater Derann “El Cid” trailers), it does not detract to much from the enjoymentin my opinion, but as ever I am honest about condition, but it’s a rare titlein colour!

NEW STOCKITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm EditedFeatures – B/W Sound

18341 The Gay Divorce B+/B £85 (2x600’) Brilliantmusical comedy from 1934 starring Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, the musicand dance numbers are sublime

NEW STOCKITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm EditedFeatures – B/W Sound

18345 The Story of Verne and Irene Castle B+/B £75 (2x600’) Perhapsnot the most remembered of the Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers movies, made in1939, here they depict real life couple Verne & Irene Castle,who were a big Ballroom dance act from the early part of the 20thCentury

18352 Block-Heads B+/B £80 (2x600’) BrilliantLaurel & Hardy comedy from 1938, Stan & Ollie are fighting in WW1, Stanis ordered to stay behind and defend his trench in 1918, 20 years later he’sstill there, he doesn’t know the war is over! Ollie finds out and brings hispal home, with hilarious consequences!

NEW STOCKITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm 30-35Min. Edited – Colour Sound

18369 Never Say Never Again Pt.2 B+ £60 (600’) SCOPEPlenty of action in this Sean ConneryJames Bond 007 movie from 1983, nice Derann print, it looks great inCinemascope as well!

18373 The McMasters B+ £65 (2x400’)n OB Nice colour Iver Filmsprint of this tough Western from 1970 starring Burl Ives, Brock Peters &David Carradine, a Union soldier who returns to a Southern ranch after theCivil war, and his friend signs half his land to him, makes thing worse, as theUnion soldier just happens to be a Black man, violence explodes

NEW STOCKITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm 30-35Min. Edited – B/W Sound

18370 Sing As We Flow B+ £50 (2x400’) Documentarymade (I’m guessing!) in the late 1940’s or early 50’s, about waterways aroundthe world, Venice, Cambridge, the Thames and Henley are featured plus muchmore, very unusual, no idea who released this (perhaps Perry’s Movies!), butit’s well made!

18376 The Abbott and CostelloTV Show B+£75 (600’) Ultra rare (especially in the U.K.) print of one of A&C TVshows from the 1950’s, it’s so rare to see them use some of their classicroutines in a new format (then the 1950’s)

NEW STOCK ITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm 16-20 Min Edited (400’) – ColourSound

18340 Kentucky Fried Movie B+ £35 OB Very nice colour on this Major 8 Moviesrelease of this 1977 adult comedy, which is really a number of comedy sketchesand skits, which suits the 400’ selected scenes edit brilliantly, directed byJohn Landis

18344 Royal Visit Newsreel B+ £25 (300’) DCRrelease of this newsreel footage of the first official visit of Queen ElizabethII visit on the 26th July 1965 to the Isle of Wight, it still retains pretty good colour too! Unusual and rare

World War II: G.I. Diary

Below I list a number of theseWW2 documentaries released in the late 1970’s by Techno Films, narrated byLloyd Bridges, the novelty with these films is the actual WW2 footage is incolour, the super 8 prints all look about the same, colour is acceptable, Iactually bought one of these titles myself new, and there is little differentin the colour now as it was then, none of the footage used was re-mastered, soit does vary from title to title!

18377 Okinawa: at the Emperor’s doorstep B+ £25 OB The last real battle of

WW2, which started April 1st 1945

18378 Kamikaze: flower of death B+ £25 OB This tells the story of the Japanese suicidepilots, and the destruction it caused on the American Navy

18379 Target Tokyo B+ £25 OB This tells the story of American bombing aimedat the Japanese capital in 1945, before the Atom bomb was dropped

18380 Midway B+£25 OB This tells the storyfrom the 4th to the 7th of June 1942, when the Americanand Japanese Navy fought out a battle for survival

18381 Return to the PhilippinesB+ £25 OB This tells the story of the liberation of the Philippines Islands by the American Navy in 1944

18382 The Flying Fortress B+/B £25 OB Tales from the famous B-17 Aircraft, herefeatured the famous “MemphisBelle”

18383 The Toughest Targets B £20 OB This tells the story of the highly dangerous airraid against the Oil Refineries in Romania in 1943

18384 Big Ben: Battleon the pacific B+ £25 OB Navalencounter between the Americans and the Japanese in the Pacific during WW2

18385 The Battle ofSaipan B+ £25 OB June 15th 1944the Americans invade the island of Saipan they raisedtheir flag 9th July, this was a real bloody battle!

18386 Iwo Jima: Eight miles of hell B+ £25 OB Perhaps one of the most famous, andbloodiest battles between American and Japanese troops in 1945

18387 Peleliu: the killing ground B+/B £25 OB Another island battle between the Americanand Japanese forces in 1944, another blood bath, I’m afraid

18388 Desert War B+ £25 OB Footage from WW2 of the American tank campaignsin the deserts of North Africa

NEW STOCK ITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm 16-20Min Edited (400’) – B/W Sound

18337Towed in a Hole B+ £30 Great Laurel & Hardy short from1932, Fishmongers Stan & Ollie decide to cut out the middleman and gofishing themselves, the trouble is, they don’t have a boat (or know how tofish!)

18371Toyland B+ £20 This reel has been cut from the Laurel& Hardy film “Babes in Toyland” but the boys are nowhere to be seen, asthis reel concentrates on the story of ‘Little Bo Peep’ and her missing sheepin song and action, unusual!

18372Going Spanish B+ £25 Bob Hope’s first ever movieappearance in this comedy short from 1934, Bob and his fiancée are travellingthrough South America, where they attend a festival, singing and trouble comesalong, very rare print!

18375Hollywood Without Make-Up B+/B £40 OB Rare Perry’s Moviesrelease of this 1963 documentary which shows some of the biggest Hollywoodstars as themselves, no lines, no make-up, just ordinary people, fascinatingreel

18348 Motor Racing in theUSA B+ £20 OBPretty good colour on this i.e,international release that looks at various types of motor sports in America,Motor Bike racing, Stock Car, Indianapolis, Hot Rods etc., filmed in the 1970’s

18350 Little Toot B+ £35 Nice Derann print of this 1948 Disney animated short, Little Toot is aBaby tugboat who would rather play than help his Father out!

18357 A Bridge Too FarTrl. B+ £30(75’) SCOPE Nice Derann print ofthis all star cast true-life WW2 story, rare now in this condition!

18358 Billy Rose’s JumboTrl. B+ £20(100’) Nice Derann print of this 1962comedy musical starring Doris Day, Jimmy Durante & Stephen Boyd

18359 Donald and Pluto B+ £35 OB Nice colour print of this 1936 Disneycartoon, it has a Spanish title card but everything else is in English, Donaldis a Plumber who uses a strong magnet to help him, but when he drops it Plutois in trouble!

18360 Baby Wants a Battle B+ £20 OB Avo Films release (in English) of this 1953Popeye cartoon, Popeye & Bluto fight over who will take Olive out!

18361 The Old Man of theMountain B+/B£35 Colorized Betty Boop cartoon from1933, which features Cab Calloway singing with Betty Boop, pretty good colourtoo!

18362 Lawrenceof Arabia Trl. B+ £30 (100’) SCOPE Extra long trailer to this David Leanclassic starring Peter O’Toole, Omar Sharif & Alec Guinness, nice colourDerann print too!

18363 Zulu Trl. B+ £30 (100’) SCOPE Extra long trailer starring Stanley Baker,Michael Caine & Jack Hawkins which tells the story of the siege by Zuluwarriors at Rorke’s Drift in South Africa in January 1879, cracking trailertoo!

18364 The Cattanooga Cats B+ £20 OB Nice colour Walton print of this 1969Hanna-Barbera cartoon about a group of Southern Beatnik cats

18374 The McMasters Trl. B+ £20 (100’) Nice colour on this Iver Films trailer to thehard hitting 1970 western starring Burl Ives, Brock Peters & DavidCarradine

NEW STOCK ITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm 6-10Min. (200’) – B/W Sound

18347Pathe News Review of 1946 B+ £25 OB Derann release of thisrare end of year newsreel round-up of the big stories from 1946

18353British Movietone News Review of 1953 B+/B £22 End of yearround-up of news stories from the year inc. the Coronation of Queen ElizabethII etc.

18356Psycho – The Shower Scene B+ £20 (100’) Completescene from the Hitchco*ck classic starring Anthony Perkins & Janet Leigh

18365Pie, Pie, Blackbird B+ £20 OB Jazz musical short from1932, two boys eat a Blackberry Pie and are transported to a club where EubieBlake are playing Jazz

18366Jungle Jazz B+/B £20 OB Early sound cartoon from1930, a Dog & Cat encounter huge and terrifying creatures in the Jungle,music comes to their aid

18367Ain’t Misbehavin’ B+ £20 OB Fats Waller and his bandsing songs including the title track “Ain’t Misbehavin’”,rare Collectors Club print

18368The Music Lesson B+/B £20 Collectors Club print of this1932 Flip the Frog cartoon, Flip causes mischiefduring his music lesson

NEW STOCK ITEMS>>>>>Standard 8mm6-10 Min. (200’) – B/W Sound

18351Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde B+/B£20 Castle Films release of this 1953 A&C comedy, the boys get embroiledwith Jekyll & Hyde

18355The Invisible Man B+/B £20 Castle Films release of thisclassic Universal horror starring Claude Rains

NEW STOCK ITEMS>>>>>Super 8mm 6-10Min. (200’) – B/W Silent

NEW STOCK ITEMS>>>>>Standard 8mm6-10 Min. (200’) – B/W Silent

18349 The Hold-Up of the Rocky Mountain Express B+ £25 OB Made in 1906 this was really made as atraining film for train guards on what might happen if a train was beingraided, but it was a hit with general audiences of the day, and has many steamtrain shots showing of the Locos of the day

18354 Gone With the Wind Trl. B+ £20 Excellentcolour on this fine trailer to the classic film starring Clark Gable, VivienLeigh & Olivia de Haviland


30thApril 2024

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So give me a call, emailme, or if you’re really old fashioned (and can afford it!) write me a letter


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Super 8mm F/L Features – Colour Sound (2024)


Does Super 8mm have sound? ›

Regular 8mm Film: If your 8mm film has sound, you will find a magnetic band attached to the same edge as the perforations or sprocket holes. Super 8 Film: Sound in Super 8 reels is indicated by a rust-colored strip on one or both edges of the film strip.

What is the difference between 8mm and Super 8mm? ›

Frame size: The frames on Super 8 film are 50% larger than the first 8mm film introduced in 1932, which were a mere 4.5mm. Kodak increased the frame on 8mm from 4.5 to 5.7mm to achieve a sharper image. On this newer version of the 8mm film, the frames fill about 57% of the film's full width of 7.9mm vs. 73% on Super 8.

Is Super 8 tungsten or daylight? ›

It's either tungsten balanced, or daylight balanced. That means that the film is produced to interpret either 3200k or 5600k as white. If you use daylight film in a tungsten room, it'll look really warm and if you use tungsten film outdoors it'll look really cold.

Is Super 8 silent? ›

One bummer about the original Super 8 is that it was strictly video, which meant that the only types of films most amateurs made were completely silent. It wasn't until around 1973 that Kodak added a magnetic strip to the cartridge that could record sound also.

What does super 8mm look like? ›

While both standard 8 and super 8 films are 8mm in width, Super 8 film stock has a slightly larger frame size. Standard 8mm film has a frame size of roughly 4.5mm x 3.3mm, while Super 8 film has a frame size of around 5.8mm x 4.01mm. 16mm film will have sprocket holes on one or both edges of the film.

Is Super 8mm film still available? ›

Super 8mm film. Available in colour negative, black and white negative and black and white reversal.

Is Super 8 still used? ›

There are now more varieties of Super 8 film available than ever before. In 2017, Kodak announced that Ektachrome will soon be available again in the Super 8 format. In Spring of 2019, Kodak officially released Ektachrome 100D in Super 8 and 16 mm formats.

What to look for when buying Super 8? ›

- Search for a camera that is guaranteed to work. Read the description carefully if purchasing online. Ensure that you can return the camera should it not work. - Be on the lookout for major dents, rust, fungus on the lens (it will look like small tree branches), or water damage on the camera.

How long does a roll of Super 8 film last? ›

Common Regular 8mm and Super 8 Film Reel Sizes and Running Times
WidthLengthApproximate running time
3 inches50 feet3 minutes
4 inches100 feet6 minutes
5 inches200 feet12 minutes
6 inches300 feet15 minutes
1 more row
Dec 12, 2022

How expensive is 8mm film? ›

The price of film rolls are constantly fluctuating due to nationwide availability. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40-$70 a roll.

What color does tungsten glow? ›

With the highest melting point of all the elements of the periodic table (3,422 degrees), tungsten glows white-hot without melting as electricity passes through it. It renders lifelike colors rather than the yellowish hue of earlier bulbs. But tungsten's high melting point also limited how scientists could shape it.

Can tungsten lights be in rain? ›

Tungsten lamps get so hot that they burn off any water before it can do any damage, so as long as they're switched on you don't need to worry about them getting wet, but you should wrap the switch in a plastic bag.

What is the best super 8 film for daylight? ›

The 200 ASA film is good in daylight and subdued light, but not night time. The grain is slightly higher with this film. The 500 ASA film is the most light sensitive, and is best for subdued light and night time. But note, not all super 8 cameras can handle this film speed.

Are Super 8 cameras loud? ›

While you have the film chamber open, inspect the light seals around the door for any signs of deterioration. If there are any problems, it's probably best to find another camera. If a camera seems loud, that's not necessarily a problem – Super 8 cameras generally aren't known for being quiet.

Does video 8 have sound? ›

By contrast, all Video8 machines used audio frequency modulation (AFM) to record sound along the same helical tape path as that of the video signal. This meant that Video8's standard audio was of a far higher quality than that of its rivals. Early Video8 camcorders used mono AFM sound, but this was later made stereo.

Do mall cameras have sound? ›

The answer is yes, most security cameras do have audio capabilities. As surveillance cameras become more prevalent in our daily lives, concerns about privacy arise, especially when audio recording is involved. You might wonder whether it's legal and if there's a way to prevent audio recording.

Do film cameras record sound? ›

Most film cameras do not record sound internally; instead, the sound is captured separately by a precision audio device (see double-system recording).

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